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Wedding Menus by Season

No matter when your client is getting married, they will have to a plan a wedding menu! Deciding what food and drinks to serve guests is often one of the most stressful moments for engaged couples. These days, there’s more pressure than ever to build a wedding menu that’s truly unforgettable.

To help your clients build a menu they love, consider helping them choose seasonal food and drinks to incorporate into the meal. Those getting married in the spring can choose dishes that feature seasonal fruits, veggies, and herbs like lavender, melon, and asparagus. Couples getting married in the summer might prefer a more casual menu that includes favorites like barbecue, sweet tea, and ice cream cones! No matter when you client is getting married, there are endless ways to help them create a seasonal menu that they are sure to love!

Shutterfly created a visual that provides ideas for those planning a wedding menu during any season of the year. We know these ideas will make you even more excited to help your clients start planning their special day!


If you are getting married in the spring, play up the bright flowers, pastel colors and light flavors that the season is known for. Make sure to incorporate the many fruits, vegetables and herbs that are in season this time of year, like asparagus, melons, apricots, lavender and mint. Celebrate the warmer weather by choosing foods that will complement blooming seasonal florals and bright sunshine.

Spring Wedding Menu Ideas


  • Assorted charcuterie board
  • Colorful fruit bar
  • Mixed green salad with a raspberry infused vinaigrette
  • Deconstructed bruschetta
  • Mini shrimp salad rolls

Signature Drinks:

  • Bellinis
  • Raspberry coolers (champagne and raspberry sorbet)
  • Mint Juleps
  • Make-your-own Mimosas
  • Assorted flavors of lemonade (such as lavender, raspberry and peach)

Main Courses:

  • Orange-soy glazed scallops
  • Lightly seasoned trout with parsley-caper vinaigrette
  • Spring vegetable risotto
  • Grilled rack of lamb with asparagus
  • Herb roasted chicken and rice with fresh apricot

Cake and Desserts:

  • Lavender wedding cake
  • Macaroons
  • Petit Fours
  • Colorful candy bar
  • Grab-and-go cotton candy stand



The most popular months to get hitched are June, August and September. It’s no surprise, since summer weddings are so much fun! Choose a menu that complements your wedding venue, whether you’ll be on the beach, hosting a backyard barbecue or escaping the heat with an indoor ceremony.

Consider featuring summer favorites in your menu like peaches, watermelon, basil and cucumber to embrace some of the season’s most famous flavors. Help your guests cool down from scorching hot temps with refreshing eats and drinks, cooling cocktails and cold desserts.

Summer Wedding Menu Ideas


  • Miniature crab cakes
  • Antipasto display
  • Caprese salad
  • Shrimp gazpacho
  • Frozen watermelon slices

Signature drinks:

  • Cocktail Paletas
  • Basil Gimlets
  • Mai Tais
  • Sweet tea
  • Cold sodas

Main courses:

  • Pulled pork sandwiches
  • Grilled chicken with sweet summer vegetables
  • Brisket with mashed potatoes
  • Lobster mac and cheese
  • Shrimp and grits

Cake and desserts:

  • Naked wedding cake
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Snow cone cart
  • Peach blueberry cobbler



Fall is becoming an increasingly popular time to get married due to the predictable weather and the rich colors of the season that make the perfect backdrop for a wedding celebration. If you’re getting married during the autumn months, consider a menu full of rich flavors, cozy appetizers, warming cocktails and hearty main courses. For a truly autumnal feel to your wedding, choose dishes that feature the unique palate-pleasing flavors that fall is famous for like apples, pumpkin, root vegetables and cinnamon.

Fall Wedding Menu Ideas


  • Filo tarts with spinach, pumpkin and pine nuts
  • Potato leek soup shooters
  • Bacon wrapped dates
  • Cranberry and brie bites
  • Sweet potato rounds topped with cheddar and chives

Signature drinks:

  • Spiked apple cider with cinnamon
  • Moscow mules
  • Honeycrisp apple sangria
  • Hot apple cider
  • Cinnamon rosemary old fashioneds

Main courses:

  • Grilled petite filet with roast potatoes
  • Roasted pork loin with sauteed apple slices
  • Cornish game hen with wild rice
  • Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sauce
  • Wild mushroom risotto

Cake and desserts:

  • Decadent chocolate cake
  • Spiced carrot cake
  • Mini apple and pumpkin pies
  • Make-your-own smores
  • Caramel apples



Comfort food is the perfect staple of a winter wedding menu, as cold-weather events provide an opportunity to serve heavier fare than you typically would during other seasons. Warm up your guests from cold temperatures with a delicious hot meal and cozy cocktails.

Choose a menu that features homely entrees, indulgent desserts and festive drinks. Consider featuring seasonal flavors like cranberry, mushroom and dark chocolate to create a winter menu full of decadent delights.

Winter Wedding Menu Ideas


  • Pancetta wrapped asparagus
  • Mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup
  • Butternut squash soup with bleu cheese
  • Baked brie with blackberry compote
  • Pear bruschetta

Signature drinks:

  • Hot toddies
  • Mulled wine
  • Sparkling apple cranberry juice
  • Poinsettia spritz punch
  • Salted caramel white Russians

Main courses:

  • Filet mignon with green beans
  • Herb crusted lamb and mashed potatoes
  • Stuffed portobello mushrooms
  • Beef tenderloin with roasted potatoes
  • Chicken pot pie with winter vegetables

Cake and desserts:

Ricarda’s Site Visit & Lunch

Photo by

By: Tracey Manailescu, Co-founder of WPIC Inc.

Photo: Avenue Photo

A couple of weeks go, we were invited to experience Ricarda’s by the wonderful Heidi Meisinger, the Sales Manager of Ricarda’s Events & Catering.

This is a gorgeous venue in downtown Toronto that is now available for weddings. (Oh yeah, baby!)

Of course, Danielle and I jumped on the opportunity. We asked our fab photographer friend, Margaret Diotalevi of Avenue Photo to come with us to capture our experience.

We were so impressed from the second that we walked in. The ‘134’ Atrium- The architecture which includes exposed brick, gorgeous and dramatic open space (which holds up to 500 people standing and 300 seated) and three 70 foot delta frames are completely photo-worthy. Once you stand in the middle of it, with the sun streaming in through the floor to ceiling windows, your mind can’t help but visualize wedding designs and floor plans, along with all of the great photos that you can have for your portfolio 😉

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

After our site visit, we were invited for a delicious lunch. The attention and care from the staff, along with the quality of the food was incredible. The only problem we had, was who was going to eat what off of the menu, so we could get photos of all of the different dishes, lol! You might be rolling your eyes and thinking we are full of baloney, but I am so serious. This was a challenge.  Luckily it ended up great, and everyone was immensely satisfied.

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

Photo: Avenue Photo

The wine pairing with each course was the creme de la creme! (which also loosened us up for our photos that we had taken right after lunch.)

Photo: Avenue Photo

If you want to experience Ricarda’s for yourself, then I recommend coming to their Sunday Jazz Brunch.  It’s All-You-Can-Eat. You can bring the kids (children under five eat free) AND they have a Play Zone complete with a bouncy castle and supervised toy area for when the meal is over, so that the parents/friends get to experience some grown-up time. Seriously!

I say it time and time again, but I feel so lucky to live in the beautiful city of Toronto, and to have the career that we have created through WPIC inc.

Thank you so much, Heidi for taking the time to show us your wonderful space. We look forward to working an event at Ricarda’s venue soon!

 Ricarda’s is in the heart of the entertainment district, and it is close to transit and public parking.





Lunar New Year – Part Deux


From WPIC Alum, Wendy Lee, WPICC, of Asian Fusion Events

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is an annually celebrated holiday period that lasts for 15 days until the Spring or Lantern Festival.  If you are to take a poll of all the various Asian populations of the world and where they have immigrated, about 1/6th of the world’s entire population celebrates this special occasion.  Lunar New Year is celebrated by not only the Chinese population, but Vietnamese, Malaysian, and more.

This year, the Chinese Zodiac symbol for 2018 is the Dog.  

The overarching vision for the shoot was to weave Eastern and Western design threads together, to form a modern interpretation for the Lunar New Year.  We featured high end designer luxury items in jux-a-position to mainstream ones.  We highlighted old traditional elements with a fresh modern twist.  We showcased custom designed pieces with prefabricated ones.  Our two designs are complementary and interconnected.  This duality gives reference to the Yin and Yang philosophy.   However, they can also stand alone and be appreciated for their own individual merits.  (See the Blog Post prior to this one for the other Lunar Year of the Dog Photo Shoot.)

Although the Lunar New Year is not necessarily the most popular time to get married, it would make a very practical choice.  Many who celebrate this festive occasion; especially in parts of Asia, already have this time scheduled off.  This would make attending a wedding celebration in any part of the world much easier.  It would also be widely acceptable for a bride to wear a white wedding dress during this wedding.  

Natural looking makeup with the perfect shade of pink lipstick and an effortless hairstyle would be a wonderful look for a bride getting married over the Lunar New Year period.  If you were hosting a Lunar New Year dinner event, think about how much fun it would be to be colour coordinated with the theme colour of your event.  A host may decide to done a custom made bow tie, and a hostess made choose a fabulous cocktail dress for a splendid formal dinner party.  Even your canine guests could wear custom made attire as well.

Pink and green are complementary colours on the colour wheel.  Therefore pink was the obvious colour choice for the second table top design.  The other table top featured pinks, plums and purples, since Ultra Violet is the Pantone colour for 2018.  Generally pink is referenced as a “feminine” colour.  So again, this was the interplay of the two tables.  One was more masculine in terms of colour palette and the other more feminine; Yin and Yang.


The pink and purple table top showcases an abundance of pretty florals.  Blooms are significant over the Lunar New Year as it represents the start of another life cycle.  Usually blooms on trees signify the ability to bear fruit symbolizing abundance for the new year.  This table represents a more traditional style of table.  The flatware, China and charger plates were from Bed, Bath and Beyond while the glassware were from Ikea.  Again, this table was meant to demonstrate what you can do with your own existing items that you might have received from a bridal shower or as wedding gifts.  Decorating does not mean that you necessarily need to rent all your items.  You can mix and match what you already own.     

Often times, further attention needs to be given to the stationery component to events.  For this shoot, an exquisite custom made, multi-layered, laser cut invitation was created.  It was then encased in an acrylic box.  The level of intricacy would make any invited guest swoon in anticipation of the upcoming event.  The initial invitation to any event provides a “sneak peak” or a small window in which guests get a glimpse of what the event will be like.  Peering into this magnificent invitation box provides something that is truly representative of the occasion that is going to be celebrated.  


Other details for any tabletop includes the place cards, and menu cards.  

Chopstick slips were made out of elegant paper and individual place cards marked each place setting.

At the conclusion of any dinner service, many guests look forward to a bite of sweets with coffee and tea.  These stunning cakes embody various elements of Asian influenced design.   Other sweets that were molded moon cakes were also part of this delightful spread and any guest; young or old would be tempted to taste.

Vendor Love:

Creative Director, Pink theme Producer and Wedding Planner – Formosa Events

Creative Director and Photography – Pepper and Light

Cinematography Images Life Media

Floral and Decor – Jackie O Floral Events Affair

Cake and Sweets Table – Nadia and Co.

Stationery Design and Flat Lay Stylist Maison Maquette

Wedding Gowns – Dina Alonzi

Asian Jewellery – H & F Jewellery

Men’s Bowtie and Male Model Stylist – TYTAN Ties

Men’s Ties – Classica

Men’s Shoes JAY + DEE

Hair Stylist  – Medulla & Co.

Make-up Artist – Vinny Artistry & Co.

Lion Dancers – Wushu Project

Table top rentals – Chairman Mills

Table and Chair rentals – Detailz Couture

Models – Elite Model (Crystal and Gabriel)

Venue – Aga Khan Museum

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