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WPIC in the Media

We are always happy to talk to or assist the Media.
Please speak with Danielle or Tracey at or (905) 474-9292

WPIC in the Media

We are always happy to talk to or assist the Media.
Please speak with Danielle or Tracey at or (905) 474-9292

WPIC in the Media

We are always happy to talk to or assist the Media.
Please speak with Danielle or Tracey at or (905) 474-9292

WPIC in the Media

We are always happy to talk to or assist the Media.
Please speak with Danielle or Tracey at or (905) 474-9292

WPIC in the Media

We are always happy to talk to or assist the Media.
Please speak with Danielle or Tracey at or (905) 474-9292

WPIC in the Media

We are always happy to talk to or assist the Media.
Please speak with Danielle or Tracey at or (905) 474-9292

WPIC in the Media

We are always happy to talk to or assist the Media.
Please speak with Danielle or Tracey at or (905) 474-9292

How to refuse clients gracefully

letterpress sorry

by Danielle Andrews Sunkel

We’ve all been there. You get a phone call from a potential client, you have a great conversation, you’re completely on the same page, you book an Intial Meeting and then you meet the fiance and BAM! you know this client is not for you.

Or maybe they have a completely different sense of style or want a type of wedding you are not comfortable working on. Do you ignore the warning signs or are you brave enough to let these clients go?

There are many reasons you may need to refuse clients. The beauty of owning your own business is that you get to CHOOSE your clients. A bad client can be toxic to your business and your personal life. They drain your time and mental energy. If you see the signs of an energy-sucker or drama queen, it is best to refuse the wedding. Working on a wedding that you wouldn’t be proud to put your name on can hurt your brand, is not worth the paycheck, and you may not give the client the attention to detail they deserve. The wrong clients take you away from other clients and opportunities.

Unfortunately, saying no can be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable.

How to say “No” gracefully:

  • Put it on Yourself-  “This type of wedding is not in my area of expertise.  Someone else would be a better fit to give you the wedding you deserve.”
  • Be Thankful- Thank them for considering you.
  • Express Regret-  “I wish this could have worked.”
  • Be Clear & Concise-  Don’t beat around the bush or waste their time.  If you know you do not want to work with this couple, let them know as soon as possible so they can find someone who is right for them.
  • Be Polite & Professional- People do not like being told no, even if they get rude, stay polite and professional, you don’t want them writing a bad review about your lack of professionalism.
  • Suggest an Alternative- If the clients are not a nightmare, suggest another planner from your network who may be a better fit.
  • Part on Good Terms- Wish them well and the best of luck.

Have you ever refused a client?  How did you handle it?


25 Creative Marriage Proposals

By guest blogger: Pro Flowers

We were approached by Ashley Thompson of Pro Flowers to view the blog, and we were smitten.  Such a creative blog and of course, we had to share it!

25 Creative Marriage Proposals

creative marriage
Who doesn’t love a good marriage proposal? Silly, sweet or sentimental, this is the moment that will immortalize your love. It’s the story you will tell every time you announce the engagement to friends or family. It’s the moment you will remember fondly at every anniversary for the rest of your lives.Of course, you don’t have to be planning a proposal to indulge in an afternoon of heart-warming, real-life romance videos. Sit back and enjoy these 25 creative marriage proposals and celebrate all the crazy things we do for love.

Please click on title to view videos.

1. The Sidewalk Chalk Path

Proving it must have been love at first sight, this man saved every text message he and his girlfriend sent to each other for three years. He used those messages to create a path telling the story of their love and leading straight to him. In the end, she filled in the last message by writing “yes” on the sidewalk.

2. The Crossword Puzzle

For the puzzle-lover in his life, he spent months concocting a special creation in The Washington Post. As she neared the end of the crossword, the clue to 51-across – words with a special ring to it – revealed the final answer. No way Sudoko can match that.

3. The Scavenger Hunt

Elaborately planned, this boyfriend made sure every minute detail was set up perfectly. He sent his girlfriend all over the city before finally ending the hunt where they first met. Her incredible birthday only got better when he proposed in front of the romantic backdrop of a Texas sunset.

4. The Fake Movie Scene
This romantic filmmaker solicits his girlfriend’s help for “a scene” in his short film. She’s a good sport who agrees to be blindfolded while dancing with her onscreen partner. The surprise comes when he announces his love at the end of the dance, and she takes off the blindfold to see her boyfriend on bended knee.

5. Painted Signs
This potential groom recruited a trio of artistic friends for a proposal that paints a picture of a future life filled with joy and color. Who could say no to that? While on what she thought was a normal, albeit romantic, date to a painting party, she was delightfully surprised to realize his true intentions. Nothing compares to the oohs and ahs of the crowd to create a moment she’ll never forget.

6. The Movie Trailer

Romance, action, adventure and a small popcorn. This guy gave it his creative all when it came to asking the question. The movie trailer builds suspense as he asks for her father’s blessing and rushes to the theater, before appearing in real life to the complete surprise of his girlfriend.

7. Falling Off a Building
Why be tender when you can be terrifying? When her boyfriend falls off a building mid-proposal, this young woman goes from surprised, to horrified, to relieved, all in the span of about three seconds.

8. Peter Pan Sweeps Wendy Off Her Feet
To love would be a great adventure. He is an actor who used to play Peter Pan on stage, and she is a costume designer; neither of them ever really grew up. He put away the thimble and asked for a real kiss, and to spend his life with her. “Wendy,” couldn’t have been happier.

9. The Super Mario Wall
For the gamer in his life, this man decorated a special, and pretty awesome, room to look like a level in Super Mario. He even goes so far as to place the ring on top of a Question Block normally reserved for mushrooms and extra lives. When she hits the block, the ring falls perfectly to his hands so that he can proceed with the real question.

10. The Disneyland Musical
There are many women out there who don’t like the idea of being proposed to in front of a large crowd. Happily, this woman didn’t seem to mind that a dozen performers choreographed her intimate moment into a song and dance number in the middle of Disneyland’s Main Street.

11. The Scuba Divers
It always helps to have a little assistance when executing a memorable marriage proposal. Judging by her expression, this trip to the aquarium exceeded her expectations. It took a couple of seconds for her to comprehend the message on the sign, but she was all smiles when she did.

12. Spiderman to the Rescue
This would-be hero hired a couple of actors to set the scene by stealing his girlfriend’s gigantic stuffed bear. Then, as he often does, Spiderman came to her rescue. Little did she know that her savior was actually her boyfriend in disguise. After taking care of the street toughs, he proposed to her and she said yes to the cheers of the crowd.

13. The Girl Asks the Guy
In a reversal of traditional roles, the girl initiated this proposal in a romantic effort to relieve her boyfriend’s stress of coming up with a unique plan. She organized their friends to recreate memorable moments from their dating lives, and it worked beautifully. He was surprised, and, after being asked by her, still got to ask the question himself in the end.

14. Army Pushup

Few things say “I’ll take care of you forever” like the manly display of seven guys doing push-ups. Now this young Private has two things to celebrate: graduation and engagement.

15. Game Night
Hand-drawn clues can be so hard to guess! A quiet game night with friends turned into the most memorable moment of her life when her boyfriend revealed the final phrase of this Pictionary proposal.

16. Tri-Surprise
It was one surprise after another for her. After setting up a surprise birthday party, he orchestrated a fake newscast highlighting “trick gifts,” which showed video of her receiving a new car from her boyfriend last Christmas. Surprise! She had unwittingly been carrying around the engagement ring for months.

17. Breath Mints Turn Into a Ring

This unique proposal required the assistance of a street performer in Las Vegas. Using a roll of mints, a silver wire and sleight of hand, the magician presented her ring with a romantic flourish.

18. The Light-Up Office Building

Forget the office supplies, this guy used an entire office building to help him propose with a light show that spelled out, “Lisa, will you marry me?” After she said yes, the show continued with fireworks and a heart.

19. Faking an Injury

When this nurse unwraps her boyfriend’s “injured” hand, she instead discovers that he is holding an engagement ring. At least this explains why his friend is videotapingvideo taping[BH1] a visit to the Emergency Room.

20. Faking an Injury, Part Two: Soccer Style

Faking injuries really seem to be the popular way to propose. And who better to fake an injury than a soccer player? After seeing him writhing in pain with a “knee injury,” his girlfriend finally discovers the real reason he his down on one knee. Though a few of the players wondered aloud why someone would take pictures of an injury, in the end they enjoyed the surprise too.

21. The Mid-Performance Serenade
This trumpet player with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Varsity Band proves that there is still creativity in the classics. During a swinging rendition of Bruce Channel’s “Hey Baby,” he runs up to his girlfriend in the stands to ask the most important question of her life: “Will you be my girl?”

22. Wakeboarding Proposal

This proposal offers an impressive display of love and athleticism. While the two are tandem wakeboarding, he manages to get down on one knee and propose to her. The two then dive into the water in celebration, and he gives her the ring once back on the boat.

23. Under the Sea
When it comes time to propose this man dives right in. We get her point of view as he unrolls the big question written on a marker buoy, with the ring attached to the end. In the spirit of true love, they sacrifice oxygen for a kiss.

24. The Boy Band Parody Proposal

It doesn’t get more creative than writing a song and making a music video especially for her. Surrounded by family and friends, his song is an homage to their love and to the boy bands she was so fond of growing up.

25. Siri Proposes For Him

Unfortunately, this link no longer exists. Since the title is 25, we have left it in.

Creative Proposals are the Most Personal

The most important thing to remember is, creativity does not mean going over the top or spending a lot of money. It means devising something special for both of you to ensure an everlasting memory.

5 Things New Wedding & Event Planners Underestimate

photo of Danielle Andrews Sunkel WPIC

by Danielle Andrews Sunkel

I am in no way trying to scare you off the wonderful world of wedding and event planning, but being a planner is not all tulle, lace and buttercream.

Here are a few things that those entering the Wedding and Event Industry do not consider or underestimate:

1. The Costs of Setting Up a Business
You need professional clothes, proper shoes, a stocked emergency kit, website, letterhead, logo, business cards, professional credentials such as your WPIC Certification ;), advertising, binders, file folders, business licenses, insurance, etc.  And that is all before you even meet a client!

The little things can really add up, I recently got three new engraved nametags for myself and my assistants, the cost was $90.

2. The Amount of Work that Goes into Just one Wedding
There is sourcing, research, meetings with your couple, meetings with the vendors, telephone calls, emails, text messages, site visits, contract reviews, licenses, tastings, rehearsals and consulting, consulting, consulting.  All this planning, research and driving around can amount to over 100-200 hours.

Busy professional plannerMeetings aren’t just talking, I am sketching, measuring, taking photos, taking pages of notes, gathering as much information as possible, then all those notes and information need to be transcribed and acted on.

Before the wedding day you are putting together all of your notes, checklists, diagrams and assembling your wedding binder/clipboard and restocking your emergency kit for a wedding which can takes hours.

On the actual wedding day, you are going to be on-site 10-14 hours, handling every detail no matter how large or how small.  And remember, that is just ONE wedding, you will be juggling at least 10 weddings at a time.  There is a reason rated Event Coordinator as the fifth most stressful job of 2014.

3. Resistance from Other Vendors
You can’t always choose the vendors you are going to work with, the couple may have already booked some services or you may be only providing Month-Of services.  In those cases, vendors may have worked with a difficult wedding planner (boo hiss!) or they have a misconception of how professional Wedding and Event Planners work.  Take it with a grain of salt, be the professional you are and don’t try to tell them how to do their job, you will earn their trust and respect quickly, if not, make a note to never work with them again ;)

4. Resentment from Family Members
Unfortunately many family members resent the presence of a Wedding Planner.  They don’t properly understand what your role is and just want to feel needed.  Be empathetic, be professional, be respectful, be diplomatic and most importantly, be confident.  If you aren’t confident those mothers or sisters will chew you up and spit you out!

5. Importance of Constant Education
If there wasn’t a need for constant education, there wouldn’t be so many conferences and courses available to Wedding & Event Professionals.  This blog wouldn’t exist.  As much as some like to pretend they do, NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING about the Weddings.  We can all learn from each other whether it is a new idea or a best practice.  Part of your job is constantly upgrading your education and bettering yourself through networking and learning.

successful wedding plannerLike anything worthwhile, wedding and event planning is not easy, there is a lot of stress, challenges, finessing and hard work.  It is also very rewarding and fulfilling.  You get to be creative, you know you are making people’s lives easier and better, you are a huge part of making incredible memories for the couple, you are part therapist, part friend, part advocate. You get to see a project through from conception to completion within a year.  For a multitasker who is properly prepared for this job, the rewards far outweigh the stress and it feels like the best job in the world!

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