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We are always happy to talk to or assist the Media.
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WPIC in the Media

We are always happy to talk to or assist the Media.
Please speak with Danielle or Tracey at or (905) 474-9292

Real Wedding: J + K Wed at a Villa in Negril, Jamaica

Today we have the gorgeous destination wedding of Jaclyn & Kevin, in Negril, Jamaica, for you to feast your eyes on.jackie and Kevin

wedding welccome sign

Hear the story of this wedding from Jackie & Kevin’s wedding planner, Monica Caesar, WPICC, DWC:

I first met Jackie & Kevin and it was very clear they were looking to have a destination wedding that offered an intimate setting for their family and friends that attended their wedding in Paradise. Since there were children attending the wedding, and because Kevin & Jackie wanted to take their wedding off of the resort; we had to choose a venue that would accommodate all guests while still creating a comfortable environment for the children in attendance.

bride with bouquet 8

After some venue searching in Negril, I came across a gorgeous villa called “Little Waters”. This villa was stunning and offered an amazing landscape of ocean along the cliffs of Negril. We also felt that a villa would be the best venue choice since the kids could then go to sleep in the many bedrooms available on the property; while the parents were able to enjoy the wedding while dancing the night away.

Little waters on the cliff villa in negril

The ceremony took place on a customized deck area that we had built, overlooking the Caribbean sea in Negril, Jamaica. The ceremony archway included a sparkling chandelier hanging with overflowing gorgeous flowers adorning the frame. A saxophonist played as the bridal party made their way down a cobble stone sidewalk bordered in floral filled glass vases.

wedding ceremony at little waters negril 15 16 17 18

Following the ceremony, a group picture took place along the cliffs of the private villa in the most spectacular setting. Cocktail hour included passed hors d’oeuvres, a cigar bar for guests and a live band to entertain everyone. Couches and ottomans were set up bordering the backyard pool and touches of coral, tied in the beach themed villa wedding.

jackie and Kevin wedding in negril 20 21 23
cocktail party negril 22

The reception took place under a clear tent with gorgeous chandeliers hanging above and a simple white color palette.  The setting was truly spectacular and the guests danced into the late hours of the Jamaican night including jumping into the pool while celebrating with the amazing music!

24a 25 26 wedding reception in negril 29 28 28a 30 31 32

Comments from the couple:

“We are so grateful for your expert orchestration of our wedding day in Negril, Jamaica. We consider ourselves blessed to have had the privilege of working with someone who translated our vision with such style, grace and professionalism. EVERY detail exceeded our expectations and our quests are still talking about how it was the most beautiful wedding they’d ever attended. We sincerely thank you for making our wedding day dream come true!” – Jackie & Kevin

Wedding Planning & Coordination:  Monica Caesar, Aisle Plan Your Day
Photography: Merrick Cousley Photography
Make-up: Chasity Artistry
Catering: Chef Robbie Joseph, Seahorse Grill
Décor: Wedding Planner Plus
Venue: Little Waters on the Cliff Villa

About Monica Caesar & Aisle Plan Your Day

Monica Caesar is the owner and lead wedding coordinator for Aisle Plan Your Day based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Monica is certified in local & destination wedding planning through The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. In addition to planning weddings & events worldwide; Monica is also an instructor for WPIC and teaches  and certifies wedding planners all across Canada and throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.

Aisle Plan Your Day was born out of Monica’s desire to plan unique and memorable celebrations. Weddings are her passion and destination weddings are her specialty.

Monica travels extensively throughout the Caribbean and Mexico attending conferences, reviewing hotel properties, private venues and wedding packages so that she can stay up to date with the latest industry trends and build an extensive network of top industry professionals worldwide.

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for the Wedding Professional

Social Media

by Danielle Andrews Sunkel

Social Media is a great way to show your personality to potential clients and business contacts.  Like most things though, it is a double-edged sword.  If you aren’t careful, you could be showing potential clients and business contacts a less-than-flattering side of you.

Here is just a little reminder about using Social Media, I have seen so many people destroy their professional image by an immature rant or sharing way too much information.

If you wouldn’t include everyone on the email list of a major corporation, why are you posting it on Facebook & Twitter?
If you are going to have business contacts, clients or past clients on your friends list, you need to always keep that in mind before you post something.  Best friends, family members and spouses are your sounding board, not your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Don’t share gross medical conditions
People really, really don’t want to hear what is oozing or congealing on you.  If you must share, call a friend.

Think twice before posting
If you wouldn’t tell anyone on your list something face to face, why post it for everyone to see?

Ranting makes you look emotionally disturbed
Stressed professional on computer Anytime someone expresses too much emotion about a topic, they appear a little unhinged. Think about the cat girl on the eHarmony video. Its great to be passionate, but too much passion is scary. 

As well, constantly posting veiled rants and inferences about a situation or people makes YOU look bad.  People will usually see you as exhibiting the very behaviour or character trait that you are speaking out against.

By trying to tear someone down on a public forum, you look petty, jealous, passive aggressive and extremely insecure, not exactly glowing traits.

Be positive
Negativism really turns people off.  If you constantly complain about your love life, your weight, clients, lack of clients, tedious tasks, the weather, etc. not only are you bringing more negativity to yourself, you are repelling other people.

WPIC Super Planner Don’t lie, over-embelish or exaggerate
I’m sorry if you haven’t accomplished everything you would have liked to, but there is still lots of time. Work harder, work smarter.  People who know you or your business will know you are lying.  They are not going to be impressed, you will just look foolish.

Don’t Swear
When I was a teenager, my mother used to say that when people swear, they are showing their lack of creativity and ignorance of the english language. Boy, that used to tick me off, but it is actually very true. When someone swears on Twitter or Facebook, I instantly think they are uneducated and unrefined. There are so many descriptive and creative words you can use, there is no need to swear.

Post your accomplishments, but don’t brag
There is a difference between posting and bragging about an accomplishment.  People will be happy for you if you are humble, but they’ll just roll their eyes if you are bragging.  If you post about receiving an award and then say, “I’m running out of space on my wall!” or if you are quoted in the media and then say, “Soon I won’t be able to go out in public without being mauled!”, people will not be impressed.  Let others say it for you.

Keep it PG and PC
Not everyone is going to appreciate your jokes, off-colour humour, broad stereotype comments or inappropriate photos. When it comes to business contacts, they aren’t going to just turn a blind eye. If you are going to make your life an open-book, keep in mind your audience.

Give credit where credit is due
WAY too many people do not quote sources.  Especially on Instagram!  An idea, quote or source should always be linked or mentioned.  By calling attention to those who have helped you, you are showing what a class-act you are.

Always remember
Wedding Professionals are supposed to be the epitome of decorum. You can still be fun, creative, smart and sassy, while being professional.

EventSource Live’s Video of the WPIC Kickoff

EventSource was the Media sponsor for our WPIC Annual Kickoff on February 19, 2015. Check out this amazing video of our super-fun burlesque-themed event! This video was produced by Images Weddings.
For more highlights and details about the event check out our Blog.

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