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30 Content Ideas for Your Business Instagram


by Danielle Andrews

There is no doubt that Instagram can be good for your Wedding Business.  But just like any Social Media, it can be difficult to keep up with content.



Here are some ideas of what to post on your business Instagram account:

  1. Working shots
  2. Behind-the-scenes at a wedding you are working on
  3. Photo of the wedding reception set-up
  4. A photo of you setting up the reception
  5. Photos with the couple
  6. Behind-the-scenes at a Vendor meeting
  7. Photo at a cake tasting
  8. Photo at Bridal Gown store
  9. Photo at a rental store
  10. Photo at a tux fitting
  11. An Inspirational Quote
  12. A selfie of you with the couple taking their pro photos in the background
  13. Photo at a Wedding Show
  14. Post a short video from a wedding you are working
  15. Post a short video talking about your business vision
  16. Client testimonials
  17. Share valuable tips and expert knowledge
  18. Create wedding-themed flatlays
  19. Photo of your workspace
  20. Photo of you working on a client file
  21. Photo ready for a client meeting
  22. Photo of your Emergency kit
  23. Share your favourite Wedding Planner Tool
  24. Share relevant content from another account (with proper credit)
  25. Share an item that you think would be of interest to couples
  26. Share a Wedding Dress sale
  27. Share a coupon or code for Wedding Items
  28. Share a career pet peeve
  29. Share a fun wedding fact
  30. Share photos from a networking event

And there are just a few ideas of what you can post on your Wedding Business Instagram account!

What are some of the things I missed?

Deciphering Wedding Anniversary Symbols

Guest blogger, Barry Kerwin of Loyes Diamonds in Dublin, Ireland shares his thoughts and experience with us about Wedding Anniversary Gifts.

The wedding industry is a huge part of our business and as a result I love to produce content around this special occasion. Sometimes when it comes to wedding anniversaries it can be difficult to know what symbol represents which anniversary (which can be helpful when thinking about what gift to get).

Getting engaged, buying the rings and getting married is definitely one of the biggest and romantic moments of a person’s life but it is also important not to forget the romance once the big day has passed! Every year you are married marks the occasion of a specific anniversary so it is nice to mark it with a celebration of some kind.

The exchange of wedding symbols actually goes back to medieval times when people celebrated 25 and 50 years of marriage. This tradition extended over time and more symbols were added but not for every year. With specific symbols that mark each occasion it’s unlikely you know them all unless you are a table quiz expert! That’s where we come in so read on and learn what is the perfect gift to give when an anniversary rolls around!

Wedding Anniversary Symbols: Traditional

The exchanging of anniversary symbolic gifts is a really nice way to mark this special occasion. Of course the gifts aren’t just exchanged amongst the partners involved, quite often a wedding anniversary is a time celebrated by close and extended family and friends. All of these people are likely to want to mark the occasion with a gift and wedding symbols are wonderful ways to do that. Reaching a milestone like a 40th wedding anniversary is something that should be celebrated as it truly is an achievement!

Wedding anniversary symbols

Wedding Anniversary Symbols: The Traditional Kind

As you can see from our chart above, some of the symbols could pose some issues when trying to think of a related gift. You have the card with the number of years being celebrated and you probably want a gift to match to make it complete; issues can arise when you need to gift a couple who have reached something like their third anniversary. As you can see in the chart above, that year is symbolised specifically by leather or the 30th anniversary is symbolised by pearl, so what does one purchase?

The thing to remember is that those symbols are purely that i.e. symbolic and don’t necessarily have to be stuck to rigidly. However if you do wish to stay true to this type of gifting, you can still keep the symbolic nature but deviate slightly… So for example, if you are buying for a couple’s third anniversary, which is symbolised by leather, you could buy a regular style of gift – a beautiful painting perhaps and look into having it gift wrapped in leather. Leather, being a costly material might make that a very expensive gift wrap but you get the idea. To reduce costs you could just use a smaller sliver of leather material to use as a ribbon to tie ordinary paper wrap and voilá, you have a symbolic gift! Don’t forget to explain the symbolic element to your recipient however! Of course if you are gifting an anniversary present to your spouse, you could also use the gift wrap idea also; it will keep it traditional yet allows you to choose a present that you really want to give rather than being confined to purely symbolic gestures.

For something like the first anniversary which would be a special one for many as the newlywed glow is still well and truly alive, paper as a symbol might cause some headaches. This is again where you should try think outside the box! A gift such as tickets to a big concert or airline tickets to an amazing destination would certainly impress any recipient!

Wedding Anniversary Symbols & Gifts for a Modern Era

While wedding anniversary symbols are very traditional in themselves, there has been a slight adjustment to fit the modern era and the more modern couple. Whether the majority follow this more modern rule is debatable, it’s still nice to know what has changed …and what has remained the same. What it has done is to extend the ideas that people have for gift giving.

Wedding anniversary symbols - modern

Wedding Anniversary Symbols: The Modern Kind

Browsing through the symbols for the modern era, some do seem like they lack heart or meaning in comparison to the more traditional symbols. For example, for a four year wedding anniversary, it suggests ‘electrical appliances’ and while this suggestion is very practical, should wedding anniversary symbols be about practicality? We’re not so sure!

Importance of Celebrating the Wedding Anniversary

The pace of life in today’s modern world moves so fast and there are so many communication outlets available that sometimes those closest to us get lost in the noise. Remember to focus on this life partner that you chose and made a commitment to because they’re the ones who stuck by you at the outset and they’re the ones who will stick by you until the end. Marking occasions such as an anniversary is vital and your partner will only love you more for it. A wedding anniversary symbol isn’t just about the material aspect; it’s about signifying the time you both have spent together and all that you have gone through.

September’s WPIC Planner of the Month- Kimberly Fu of Envision Weddings

We are thrilled to present to you September’s WPIC Planner of the Month, Kimberly Fu of Envision Weddings.
Kimberly was chosen by us for many reasons.  She exemplifies professionalism, she has a love of the wedding industry and is a stellar example of a dynamic leader, as well as being a heck of a great person! -Tracey Manailescu and Danielle Andrews
Kimberly Fu, WPICC, DWC of Envision Weddings

Kimberly Fu, WPICC, DWC of Envision Weddings

Why the name Envision Weddings?  “I wanted something unique, yet it perfectly conveys who I am for my clients, a professional that dreams with them and sees their “vision”. And during a couple of my client meetings (prior to my business being official) I kept hearing them say “I envision this…” or “I envision that…” – and I thought, it was exactly I wanted my company to be all about.”

Envision Weddings

What is unique about your company?  “There are a couple things we strive for to be different than other companies. I’ve spent countless hours building and training a team that provides levels of customer satisfaction that is bar none – which I find is a little different as I am not a one woman show. It takes a village to put together an event, and I’ve created a company culture where everyone can depend on one another to be there for the client, whether or not they would be jumping in to pull together a detail even if they haven’t even met the client yet, or they are hands on in planning from the very beginning. And even though Envision Weddings now has multiple departments (Envision Floral Studio and soon, Envision Events, our corporate brand), we have the same familiar faces that work across all brands so that it still gives the “small business” feeling. I never want to have a company where the client feels like they are just an invoice number – we make it a priority to get to know them and their backstories, and tailor/adapt our working styles to their unique situation. Finally, we are in our 5th year of running our internship, where we’ve trained dozens of aspiring of event professionals, many of whom are now hired onto the company on a seasonal basis. I am super proud of our internship as it has grown into a year-long program with 2 6 month terms, with benefits and training nuggets that go above and beyond just assisting on the event day. Even though it’s a lot of work (I probably put in about 10-20 hours a week just on training and development), I feel like in the long run it benefits the growth of the company as well as provides the client with a well-rounded experience where they never feel like there’s a lack of eyes and ears to pull off their event.”
Envision Weddings

Envision Weddings

What year did you open your company?  Envision Weddings and Events was born in 2008.
WPICC since?  WPICC since 2008 too! 🙂 DWC since 2014. 
How many staff?  “I am the only full-time planner/coordinator and floral designer. I have 4 part-time senior staff (2 senior coordinators, 1 senior production manager, and 1 inventory/delivery guy), and anywhere between 2-4 interns at any given time.”
Favourite part of the planning process?  “As much as I love the months of planning that goes into the day, the last few weeks prior to the event are my favourite parts of the planning process. Everything starts to piece together, the “vision” (true to our name) is brought to life, and you see all your hard work come to fruition. Also, I love working with amazing vendors that have the similar aspirations and working styles as I do – talking shop with them, getting to know their businesses, and being able to relate to all the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur is some of my favourite moments of being a planner – and on the event day, it makes so much of a difference because you feel like you are one team, working towards one goal. Working with great people makes the job so much fun!”

Envision Weddings

Please tell us some things you have learned over the years that have helped you grow “Where do I begin?! I’ve learned that being a business owner – particularly in the wedding industry – is not just having talent. It takes an insurmountable level of persistence to keep going when you feel like you can’t anymore, sacrifice in capital and time, risk taking when you know that something is worth trying, creativity to know how to get over the “down” periods, humility to know when to change courses, intuition to know how to read clients and give them what they need without them having to ask, and major GUTS to ask clients for what you want because you know you deserve it, without sounding arrogant. Those things, and so many more, has helped Envision Weddings grow and push forward year after year.”
Tell us about a challenge that you overcame that made you a better planner & business owner?  “I’ve had to part ways with a client this year – for the first time ever – because the working relationship was turning toxic and it wasn’t benefitting anyone anymore. I explained to the clients that I made a commitment at the time they hired me – 18 months prior – that having a wedding planner was going to relieve stress and cause less drama, and as much as I know I am good at my job, I had to confess that I didn’t feel like I was living up to those expectations anymore. Thankfully, the clients understood, and we ended the contract amicably. It taught me a lot of lessons on being humble, knowing my worth, knowing when it is time to have someone else step in who can possibly do a better job than I can, and putting the client before myself. And also, it helped me to understand exactly the types of clients that I want my business to attract and how to cultivate/maintain great relationships with the amazing clientele that I still have.”
Envision Weddings

Envision Weddings

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in the industry?  “You are in for a wild ride! And because of that, truly think about the level of passion and commitment you have for weddings and events. It’s hectic, it’s rewarding, it’ll take everything out of you (mentally, physically and emotionally) and give you everything in return. Handling someone’s wedding day is not something to ever take lightly, and being a wedding planner is not a job to be taken lightly. And like any other business, it won’t just take a lot out of you; it will take a lot out of your families/spouses, because they will be supporting your journey in time, income, love and encouragement. Don’t ever take that for granted. And finally, don’t stay in one place for too long – while you should map out your plan of attack, you should always be moving and thinking about what’s next. An event is 50% planning, 50% execution, and your business should be the same. Successful business owners never grew their business by just sitting there making their plan perfect without actually putting it into action. Keep going, keep moving, keep dreaming and keep working!” 

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