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Lunar New Year 2018 Celebrations -A Wedding Editorial

Tomorrow is Lunar New Year Day. We are over the moon to show you this beautiful creative editorial to celebrate Chinese New Year submitted to us by WPIC alumni Wendy Lee of Asian Fusion Weddings!

The editorial ties in Asian heritage, blends in East and West decor elements, and the high end designers and features provide not only great design, but those that could be use at any type of celebration or event.

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Question – As a wedding planner, you participate in style shoots on various themes.  So why one about the Lunar New Year?

Wendy – Chinese New Year is always celebrated with friends and family at home, and eating together is always part of the 15 day celebrations.  Although food is a very important element at these get-togethers, often times the visual and aesthetic experience for our guests may be overlooked.  For this very reason, our team wanted to showcase two very distinct looks that anyone can do at home.  These decorative ideas are really simple to execute, but they really do enhance the dining table tremendously.

What was designed can be featured at various other events such as a wedding, birthday party, anniversary dinner, and more.  It isn’t necessarily just for Lunar New Year dinners.  This is what makes our table designs fabulous – they are transferable for other occasions.

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Question – What was the inspiration for this style shoot?

Wendy – Thinking about all those Lunar New Year family dinners over the years, personally, I was ultimately inspired by two specific things.  First, Pantone’s colour of year for 2017; greenery.  This was the reason green was selected in the colour palette.  Secondly, the question was – would it be possible to have a Chinese inspired shoot without featuring traditional red?  I believe our team was successful in demonstrating a modern interpretation of Asian decor and styling when you look at the video and pictures.

The other design feature that our team encapsulated was the Yin and Yang concept.  One table featured a bold approach with the use of Bonsai trees.  It translated into a more sophisticated masculine feel.  The second table donated a more feminine touch with an abundance of flowers in shades of soft pinks and purples.

Photo: Pepper and Light

Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Question – What is the one key piece of advice that you can offer to couples looking to design their own event?

Wendy – My continuous inspiration is derived from my clients’ cultural backgrounds, their individual tastes and impeccable styles. Hence the company name “Asian Fusion Weddings”.  However, there are also clients that want a very visually detailed rich celebration where the cultural aspects are not the main focus.  Hence “Formosa Events”.  Formosus in Latin means beautifully formed.  Therefore, when couples consult with this company, they desire more visual eye candy at their events.

 In either case, it brings me great joy to be able to infuse their wishes into one creatively detailed and cohesive design; whether it be a gathering at home, an intimate affair and/or an extravagant wedding.  The key for designing any celebrations is to maintain the colour scheme, use a variety of textures and remember what the purpose of the event is all about.

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

Photo: Pepper and Light

 Thank you very much for sharing your team’s editorial shoot with us.

 Wendy – Thank you for sharing our images and video.  Gung Hay Fat Choy!  I wish everyone a healthy, wealthy and prosperous new year.

Photo: Pepper and Light

Creative Director, Green theme Producer  and Wedding Planner – Asian Fusion Weddings

Creative Director (Both Shoots) and Photography – Pepper and Light

Cinematography Images Life Media

Floral and Decor – Jackie O Floral Events Affair

Bonsai Trees – Tropical Expressions

Cake and Sweets Table – Nadia and Co.

Stationery Design and Flat Lay Stylist  Maison Maquette

Backdrop and Table Vinyl Designer Dance Floor | Exotik Wrapz

Wedding Gowns – Dina Alonzi

Asian Jewellery – H & F Jewellery

Men’s Bowtie and Male Model Stylist – TYTAN Ties

Hair Stylist  – Medulla & Co.

Make-up Artist – Vinny Artistry & Co.

Canine Couture – El Cachorrocouture

Table top rentals – Chairman Mills

Table and Chair rentals – Detailz Couture

Paper Lanterns – Toronto Paper Lanterns

Female and Male Models – Elite Model (Crystal and Gabriel)

Canine Models – Merlin’s Hope Rescue

Venue – Aga Khan Museum

5 Ways to be Successful at a Wedding Show


By: Danielle Andrews Sunkel, Co-founder of WPIC Inc.

  1. Have a sign!  This seems like such a simple thing, but you wouldn’t believe how many wedding vendors do not have a sign in their booth at Wedding Shows!  Treat your booth like your pop-up store (because it is!) and have it properly branded.
  2. Show your Style!  You only want to attract the right clients for you, so make sure you are showcasing you, your style and your brand properly.  Your booth should look like the weddings you coordinate, the same style, formality and level that you work with.  if you work with over-the-top, ultra luxury weddings, your booth needs to be over-the-top luxurious, if you work with ultra-modern, millennial couples, your booth needs to be ultra-modern, if you specialize in Budget-friendly weddings, you need to showcase budget-friendly ideas, etc.
  3. Stand out from the crowd, don’t just give out a flyer.  People love free stuff and throw out flyers.  Get something branded with your company name and website on it so that show attendees are more likely to keep the item.  If they are interested in your services, they have your website information at their fingertips.
  4. Offer a Show Special, not a chance to win free services.  Attendees who sign up for a draw for free services are probably not going to ever be a client of yours, why would they pay for a service you were offering for free?  Instead, offer a show special if they book at the show.  And since the offer is time-sensitive, they will book at the show, rather than you having to do a bunch of follow-up for nothing.  It’s important to make best use of your time and resources, getting qualified, interested leads is much better than getting hundreds of email addresses for people who are not genuinely interested in your services.
  5. Have a Way to Follow up with the Potential Clients.  There are a few ways to get the potential clients’ information: you can download an app and have them fill out their information on a tablet, you can hand-record the information on a follow-up template that you keep handy on a clipboard.   Make sure that you get express permission to contact potential clients and do not just add them to an email contact list without their consent.



 Sent to us by: John Hawthorne of Manly Bands


There are some seriously weird wedding traditions around the world. Don’t believe us? Wait till you see what we’ve cooked up.

What comes to mind when you think about weddings? A beaming bride? The dad leading his daughter down the aisle? A profusely sweating/crying/passing out groom? Drunk uncles passionately dancing to “Don’t Stop Believing”? Women scratching, clawing, and knifing to get their hands on the bride’s tossed bouquet? The bride aggressively smashing cake in the face of her new husband?

Weddings are all about traditions, and if you’ve been to an American wedding, you’ve seen at least some of the above happen at least once.

But if you travel the globe, you’ll find some traditions that make the ones above seem pretty normal. I mean, we’re talking some serious, “Woah, this is really bizarre,” stuff.

What exactly are we talking about?

To quote Samuel L. Jackson from Jurassic Park, “Hold onto your butts.” Things are about to get weird.

#1 – Pelting The Happy Couple With Trash

Marriages are supposed to stand the test of time, right? After all, most couples don’t get married with the hope that things will end in a flaming, bitter divorce a few years later (unless you’re marrying someone for their money).

So how can you help a couple’s marriage survive the ups and downs of life? The Scottish believe that trash is the answer. Before the wedding, the happy couple are assaulted by a trash-throwing friendly mob, often getting hit with rotten eggs and fish. The theory is that if the couple can stand up to this, their marriage can survive anything.

Of course, this could be why an unusually high number of Scottish couples end up in therapy (this may or may not be true). After all, nothing says marital bliss like a juicy, rotten tomato to the face.

#2 – The Smile Free Wedding

Normally, we associate weddings with big smiles. It’s common for the bride’s and groom’s face to get tired from so much forced grinning.

This is not a problem for the bride and groom in some weddings in Congo. During the entire wedding, the bride and groom are not allowed to smile at all. Not so much as a flicker of the lip or slight chuckle.

Why? Because if they smile, it indicates that they’re not serious about their wedding. As we know, you simply can’t trust people who smile too much.

#3 – The Chicken Liver Inspection

If you want to set a wedding date in Daur, China, you’ll need to kill a chicken first. And that’s not all. Once you’ve butchered your feathered friend, you’ll need to give the liver a close inspection. If the liver looks healthy, you can set a date. If not, you need to keep searching for a healthy chicken.

Pro tip: Stay away from chickens that hang out at bars. Their livers are always shot due to doing to many tequila shots. Trust on this one. We know from experience (long story – don’t ask).

#4 – The Weeping Bride

Weddings are supposed to be a happy business, right? Why else would a couple spend thousands of dollars on an open bar that will eventually result in Aunt Edna trying to do a split during the song “Thriller”? Only true love and happiness can produce that, right?

But for the Tujia people in China, it’s not all laughs and giggles and drunken splits. For one month leading up to the wedding, the bride is encouraged to weep for one hour per day. Because if there’s one thing the wedding industry needs, it’s more weeping brides.

On another note, “The Weeping Brides” would make a great name for a female punk band.

#5 – Hold it…Hold it…Keep Holding It

What’s your worst wedding nightmare? Something catching on fire? Passing out? A runaway bride? An old girlfriend standing up and loudly protesting when the officiant asks if anyone has objections?

How about losing control of your bowels or bladder?

In Borneo, that’s a real possibility. One particular tribe doesn’t let the groom or bride leave their house all day, even to use the restroom. Apparently, it brings good luck to the couple.

Of course, it also has the potential to bring on a complete defecation disaster (which would also be a great band name).

#6 – You Want Your Bride? You’ll Have To Come Through Us!

This is kind of like Red Rover, except with bridesmaids. And money. And fistfights with wolverines in a sawdust pit. Just kidding about the last part, although that would make it even better.

In China, grooms often have to “get through” the bridesmaids in order to get to the bride. First, the bridesmaids demand money from him, like some sort of love ransom minus the creepy notes and untraceable phone calls. Then they force him to perform a series of silly and ridiculous tasks before they finally grant him access to his bride.

#7 – You’ll Have To Marry A Tree First

Yeah, so this one is really out there. In parts of India, girls born during particular astrological periods are said to be cursed. This curse will cause an early death for their husbands. Think that’s weird? Hold my beer.

The only way to break this curse is for them to first marry a tree. Yes, a tree. Then the tree is cut down, which apparently breaks the curse.

This brings up numerous questions. How exactly does a woman marry a tree? Does she have to kiss the tree? Do they go on a honeymoon? DOES THE TREE EVEN LOVE HER?

Further research is needed.

#8 – Drink That Toilet Till It’s Empty

Although this tradition isn’t as popular as it used to be, an old French tradition advocated that new couples drink all leftover alcohol from a replica toilet bowl.

Again, we have questions. Do they plunge their faces in, fill up glasses, or use straws? Do they have to blend all the alcohol together (nothing like a Vodka Rum Scotch Red Wine Screwdriver)? What happens if the bride or groom gets sick over the toilet?

Perhaps it’s a good thing that this tradition has fallen out of popularity. We must say, however, that it does teach a valuable lesson: alcohol is a terrible thing to waste.

#9 – The Feet Beating

You know what a groom really needs on the night before his wedding? To have his feet beaten with fish and canes. At least that’s what some South Koreans believe. Apparently, beating the feet is a test of character, and those who endure are worthy to be married.

Let’s be honest here. This is just an excuse to smack a friend with a raw fish. Who wouldn’t want to do that? It’s like something fraternity brothers would do or some sort of secretive fight club (which we can’t talk about).

Heck, we should consider adopting this tradition in the United States.

#10 – Smash The Plates

Frankly, this just sounds like a ton of fun. At traditional German weddings, guests bring some type of porcelain for the bride and groom and then proceed to smash said porcelain. Apparently, the act of destroying the porcelain wards off evil spirits.

What doesn’t sound so fun is that the bride and groom are expected to clean up the mess afterwards so they’ll learn that married life isn’t always easy, but they can overcome any challenge together.

It seems highly likely that the inventor of this tradition had some serious anger issues and probably could have benefited from a therapist, or at least a stress ball. And perhaps a few German beers.


After compiling this list, it seems to us that American weddings are actually a bit boring. Sure, walking down the aisle and having that first dance are fun, but not nearly as fun as inspecting chicken livers, hitting the groom with raw fish, or drinking leftover alcohol from a toilet. Yes, the marrying a tree thing seems like a bit much, but who are we to say what should be in a wedding?

Americans could dramatically improve the quality of their weddings by implementing just a few of these traditions.

So here’s what we recommend. Buy yourself an awesome wedding band, then head down to the local grocery store and purchase some raw fish. Then saunter on over to a local farm and pick up a live chicken, followed by a few porcelain plates. Boom. You’re ready for the wedding of the century.

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