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“Trash the Dress” WPIC Style…

IMGP8611 By: Tracey Manailescu

"Trash the Dress" has been around for a few years now, and is becoming more and more popular.  I love the idea so much, that I have done it twice! The best part is, that I had to have another wedding dress to do it (OK, one reason is that my dress no longer fits, LOL!) Also, because you can change the style, colour, and dimensions of the dress to whatever suits your fancy at the moment.

On the Wedding day, most of us want to look beautiful, graceful and yes admit it, even like a princess. You act a certain way, talk a certain way, and are pretty much on your best behaviour.  Heaven forbid someone should spill something on you… Eek!

Well, thank goodness for "Trash the Dress" because you can let loose, get wild and crazy and yes, even sexy! Let your imagination take you away to a fun and creative photo shoot that inspires romance and fun.

Here are some cool ideas that are popular for "Trash the Dress":

  • On a farm
  • At the zoo
  • A tropical resort
  • On train tracks
  • In the mud and rain
  • In the ocean
  • A graffiti covered area
  • Hire a tour guide or a taxi driver to take you to hot spots in a foreign country 
  • If you are a bit more on the adventurous side, set your dress on fire, or rip it to shreds (better yet, photo shop it and get the same look) ***This one is for you D & S  🙂

Here are some pictures of "Trash the Dress" photo shoots that some of our graduates have done at WPIC Inc.  I hope you enjoy!

Steve Koth and Delano Miller from SuperClubs were our amazing photographers. "Brides": Lorraine Brown, Jag Moondi-Brar , Monica Hill, Jennifer Borgh and Tracey Manailescu

SuperClubs June 2009 417

SuperClubs June 2009 514

SuperClubs June 2009 657

Kim Choy and Danielle Andrews Sunkel took the following photos of Tracey Manailescu and Dulce Avila at a farm in Uxbridge:

Trash the Dress T 

Trash the Dress d

Trash the Dress Umbrella

Trash the Dress Photo Shoot 3 

Rasta "John" and Tracey Manailescu took these photos of Jennifer Borgh, in various locations in Jamaica:

SuperClubs June 2009 1007

SuperClubs June 2009 994

SuperClubs June 2009 1000

These photos of Tara Murney were taken by professional photographer Jodi Halliday-Yorkston at various locations in the Philippines: 

Tara on cliff

Tara on kayak


Tara B and White 
These photos of Melissa Nowakowski were taken by Luis Enriquez, a professional photographer from:

Lou E Photo

Melissa 2

Melissa 3

The Name Game – Personalizing Name Cards for Your Guests


Kim Choy WPIC



   by Guest Blogger, Kim Choy, WPICC


Personalizing your wedding is more than just putting your initials on everything in sight. Put some thought behind the elements you choose to incorporate into your big day, and then enhance the sentimental value to give each aspect a deeper meaning.

Think of ways to incorporate the guests into your wedding and make them feel as if they are in it instead of just attending it. 

The last thing you want is for your guests to remember your wedding as dull and boring and the same as John and Mary Smith’s last June.

The first thing a guest sees when they arrive at your reception is the place cards.  Where will they be sitting?  How will this be displayed?  This is your chance to be as creative and personalized as possible. 

Nicknames and Memories

Instead of having the guest’s name and table number, try to add sayings or nicknames to each card to make the guest smile or to touch them in some way.  

For example;

                                                            Front of Card




Mr. & Mrs.  John & Susan McDonald
Table 16




                                                             Back of Card



Write an inside joke, nickname or 

a memory you have with the guests




Doing something like this will make your guests think “Wow, they really took a lot of time to make me feel welcome at their wedding.” 

A Little ‘Bout Me

About me photo Photo & Idea Credit:

Truth is everyone loves learning about themselves.  Why not tell them the meaning behind their first name?  

This place card is unique to each guest and is something they can take home with them.  This website is from the UK, but these cards can simply be made yourself. 


Shaken or Stirred?

Shaken or stirred photo Photo & Idea Credit:


Another way to make your guests feel absolutely special and appreciated at your wedding is to prepare their “favourite” drink for them in their own personalized glass.  

Instead of using place cards, buy stemware (can be purchased at the Dollar Store if you are on a budget) and prepare the guests' favourite drink, attach their name on the glass (like a wine marker) and line the drinks up as you would a regular place card table. 

Examples: Mixed Drinks, Martinis, Beers & Wines

This is definitely an idea for a much smaller wedding.

Make The Guests Speak Up!

Turn the tables on your guests and allow them to help personalize your special day.  At each place setting have a blank note card for each guest to fill out and write down their well wishes, prayers and thoughts.  Once completed before they leave the reception, have a drop box they can put them in.   Open the box after your honeymoon, then on your anniversaries.  Hand written notes are the most cherished gifts one can receive.   These notes can later be put in wedding albums. 

A Picture is Worth A 1000 Words

I heard this idea through a friend and absolutely loved it!

For each couple attending the reception the couple took a picture together with something that represented the guest(s).  Also in the picture was the table number they were sitting at. 

For example; 

  •  Two guests owned a Baskin Robbins, so the bride and groom took picture outside a Baskin Robbins, holding ice cream and holding a giant number 8. 
  •  Another 2 guests were from out of town.  The bride and groom put on Chicago Cub Baseball Jerseys and the jersey number was the number of the table the guests sat at.

After developing the pictures, the names of each guest(s) was written on the front of the picture so it was easy to differentiate which picture was for whom.  The pictures were put into Dollar Store picture frames in alphabetical order.

Something like this, will take a lot of work and thinking, but it pays off in the end to have the guest think how much time and effort you put into making them feel special. 

Of course personalizing your wedding to each guest does take time and needs to be thought out carefully.  Personalization in great detail is often better used for smaller weddings. 

Take the time, be creative and really think how you can make your wedding special and memorable for you and your guests.  

You don’t want your guests talking a few months down the road “Oooh was that the wedding where the bride wore the….. white dress with the fancy embroidery on it…?  And they had…..candles on all the tables right?  Is that the one you’re talking about?”

Make people remember your wedding for the rest of their lives. 

Our Guest Blogger, Kim Choy, is a WPIC Certified Wedding Coordinator and works with us in the WPIC Inc. Offices.

Break the Mold: Interesting Wedding & Reception Locations


You are unique individuals, so why do you want a cookie-cutter wedding, just like everyone else's? 

by Danielle Andrews Sunkel 

Wedding at WonderlandPhoto Courtesy of Red Umbrella Photography

Where to have your ceremony and reception is the most important decision you will make about your wedding.  Your wedding should be a reflection of the two of you, yet 71% of couples choose a traditional wedding and describe their wedding as "Simple and Elegant".  How many people are truly traditional, simple or elegant???  

If you are fun people, have a fun wedding.  If you are history buffs, get married somewhere historical. If family is important to you, have your wedding somewhere that is family-friendly.  If you are trendy, have a modern wedding.  If you would describe yourself as Urban Chic, what are you doing having a traditional wedding?


Your Certified Wedding Coordinator can help you find a great location, but start thinking "Outside the Box", so you can give them an idea of what you would like to see.  Think about what your extra-curricular interests are, or how you met and then think outside of the box to incorporate that into your wedding.

Some interesting locations for a wedding: 

  • an Amusement Park (I did it 10 yrs ago and people still are talking about it!) 
  • a Museum (whether a large one or just a small specialized one) ie. Nautical museum 
  • an Art Gallery (public or private) 
  • a Zoo 
  • a Farm complete with a Barn fo rthe reception
  • a Provincial Park (Complete with family games) 
  • a public/private Garden 
  • a great Restaurant 
  • a Boat (ferry, riverboat, yacht, etc) 
  • a Theatre - a night club with an outdoor Rooftop area
  • an old Schoolhouse
  • a Renaissance Fair
  • an old Movie Theatre 
  • an old Church

You only get to have your wedding once, have fun and make sure you are in love with every aspect of it!  

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