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Is the Wedding Planner Market Over-Saturated?

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by Danielle Andrews Sunkel

A statement I keep hearing people say is, “The wedding market is so over-saturated!”

Every market has more people interested in it than there are positions.  How many people do you know looking for teaching positions?  I know three people who have waited multiple years and still don’t have a full-time teaching position.  Lawyers, doctors, nurses, construction workers, human resource managers, social workers, everyone is looking for work.  How about business?  We recently posted a position for an Administrative Assistant and received 427 resumes in 5 days. 427! Over 100 of these people had Masters Degrees.

In the grand scheme of things, no the wedding market is not over-saturated.  There a lot of people trying to enter the wedding market, but when they see how much work and determination it takes, they quickly leave.  Those with rose-colored glasses thinking this is a “fun” job are going to quickly leave.  Those who enter because they see weddings as a way to make quick money, are going to quickly leave.  It takes someone with a true love of people, business savvy, a willingness to continually learn, and openess to upgrade their skills, to succeed in this business.  Those with the true hearts will stay and they will succeed.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the next 10 years there will be a 44% increase in the number of event planning jobs.  The average wedding planner earns $46, 020, the top earners make $78, 530 and the lowest earners make $27, 410.

So no Virginia, the market is not over-saturated. Stop worrying about everyone else and start working your business.

How to Flip a Room in One Hour

Aside from all of the amazing details that need to be pulled together leading up to and on a wedding day, nothing can be more stressful (or exciting!) as ‘The Flip’. Changing a room from Ceremony to Reception for 165 guests in just one hour is not for the faint of heart. It takes organization, planning, preparation, and manpower.

Recently, Jennifer Maxwell, WPICC, had the pleasure of participating in just such a flip at the King Edward Hotel – something Catering Sales Manager, Sarah Savolainen, WPICC, is no stranger to. This type of room flip happens all the time, but Jennifer knows that not everyone is privy to the mastery it takes to coordinate a flip with the type of ease that Sarah and her staff demonstrated. So she filmed it.

With tripod up and iPhone set in time-lapse mode, the entire flip was captured not only for the bride and groom to see, but for others to gain a sense of appreciation and respect for what it takes to create a new and magical setting in just one hour.

The lesson? Always work with professionals. They know what it really takes to manage the task at hand, with ease and grace, all while making it look seamless.

Jennifer Maxwell WPICCJennifer Maxwell, of The Wedding Coach, has been a WPIC certified wedding planner since 2007. Her love of the creative and collaborative process (not to mention all the pretty!), has created a natural fit for her wedding planning business.

More specifically, Jennifer enjoys the strategic planning side for couples (timelines, checklist, schedules and more), and has recently been sharing her templates with new planners, which – less face it, is not every planner’s favourite part.


Death by DIY

Ashley Metcalfe WPICby Ashlie Metcalfe, WPICC of Harmony Wedding & Event Coordination

Let’s face it, everyone is trying to save money by any means necessary and with the costs associated with planning a wedding it’s no surprise that couples are choosing to DIY. What they don’t consider is the time and energy it takes; not to mention the costs of materials bought experimenting and mistakes made trying to make their wedding “Pinterest Perfect.”
Those cute tree slabs that host your farm fresh flowers on all of your reception tables, someone has to actually cut down a tree to make those and that requires a chainsaw and a license.

How many trips does it take to Michael’s to find mason jars and burlap? Do you have any idea how many feet you need? How many hours will you spend in the kitchen canning your homemade jam favors? Oh, your bridesmaids offered to help make your wedding invitations? But there you are 11pm hot glue gun in hand with a half drunk bottle of red wine all alone because your girls decided they would rather go to sleep at a decent hour. By this time you are too mentally exhausted to even think about all of the cupcakes you decided to tackle in hopes to save money by not buying a cake.

I truly believe that anyone can handle planning their own wedding but it comes at a cost. Not a monetary cost but the cost of possibly losing your sanity. Most couples work full time jobs and planning a wedding is exactly that-a JOB. If you decide to take on your own wedding without the help of professionals you need to devote as much time and effort in to your wedding as you do your day job. This means coming home from an 8 or 10 hour day and putting a few more hours into planning your wedding. This takes time away from kids and your spouse, not to mention friends and family. “Sorry ladies, I can’t go out tonight, I am planning my wedding.” The closer you get to your wedding the more you will fight with your significant other, test boundaries of friendships, especially those who are in your wedding party. You might finding yourself saying “I can’t wait for this all to be over” and even question why you are getting married in the first place.

Don’t let DIY suck the life out of you. Hire a team of professionals to make your wedding an event you look forward to and will want to remember for the rest of your life. It just might save your marriage.

Apps that Help a Planner Plan

by Nasreen Faiz, WPICC of Rangeen Weddings & Events

Ah technology- it can be either a nightmare or a life saver.

As an event planner and a small business owner, I’ve found that building quality relationships with others is imperative. After all, its what the foundation of our industry is built on!  I love planning weddings, attending networking events, building new relationships, but I absolutely hated it when I accidentally used to drop the ball with a lead or a vendor just because I couldn’t remember the last conversation I had with them.

A few years ago, I went to an initial client meeting with a wonderful couple. They were nice, we connected really well, and I really thought they were going to bring me on as their planner.  Three days after the meeting, I called up the bride to follow-up and see if they were ready to sign the contract.  I said to her ‘I just wanted to followup with you and Arjun to see if you two would like to meet for coffee later on this week and go over the contract’- and that’t when it happened- she said ‘uhhh his name is Adil’.  Awkward…

I lost a lead, but I did gain a very valuable life experience that day. I needed to organize and build a database of my interactions with everyone to make sure this never happened again.

Here are a few list of apps I’ve found to be invaluable to be over the last few years:


Marketcircle Inc. has developed a wonderful CRM solution for small business owners like me.  People who want to grow their business and need a platform to organize everything from contacts, to projects (aka Weddings) to opportunities and forms.  This app is available only on the mac os platform and carries with it a whole bunch of robust features.  Daylite has allowed me to create relationships within the app that tells who is married to who, who is a sibling of the bride, who is the father, who is the fiance (so that another Arjun/Adil mixup never happens again!). This allows for me to send out emails to specific people and ways know who I’m talking to.  I’m able to track each call I’ve had with them, each email I’ve sent them, and the best part is that it’s allowed for me to see the relationship I’ve built up with each client over the last four years.  Daylite has allowed for me to track how a lead becomes a client, and the stages that each client goes through leading up to the big day.  I’m able to save all of my forms, and letter templates within the app. Best of all, Im able to link each client with a vendor record so that I can see who they have hired.  The cool thing about their licensing structure is that with one $300 license, I’m able to access all of this information on both my macs, iPad, and iPhone.  You can read more about Daylite here:


I have no idea how I was able to organize any of my thoughts prior to Evernote.  In fact, I’m writing this blog post up for WPIC on Evernote!  You’re able to create countless notebooks, and within each notebook, you can create endless notes.  Evernote allows for you to scribble down your ideas and then revisit them when you have more time.  Its amazing for creating to-do lists and with its simple interface, it creates a very user-friendly experience.  Note taking aside, my absolute favourite thing about Evernote is its syncing capabilities.  I’ve got the app downloaded onto my mac which allows for me to work offline, but for times when my laptop isn’t with me, I am simply able to log onto my account using a web interface and continue working where I left off.
Try out a free plan for Evernote here:


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, these are all quintessential to the success of any small business. Social media has morphed the special events industry into something totally new over the last few years. You’re Instagram is now your portfolio, your Facebook page is your resume and Pinterest is your drawing board. For a small business owner, HootSuite is perfect for helping us manage our pages. You have the ability to see what is going on with all of your pages, run reports to see how your doing and all without having to waste too much time! Our time is extremely important to us, and it can get very distracting not to mention time consuming having to log onto each social media site to keep up to date.
Hootsuite lets you stay active in the social media world without having to spend all day tweeting!
Check out their free plan here:

Survey Monkey:

Okay, okay, you caught me! Survey Monkey isn’t actually an app, but it is an online tool that can really help you get feedback from your leads, clients and vendors.  Send out a quick survey to each person you interact with to get feedback on their thoughts about you and your business.  I’ve integrated Survey Monkey into my workflow over the last few months and it’s helped me grow tremendously as an entrepreneur.
They have loads of helpful templates and articles to help you get started on your survey today!

The Wedding Professionals Workshop

Attention all Wedding Professionals:

It’s time to get your learning on!


The Wedding Professionals Workshop is a boutique-style learning experience taking place at the Pantages Hotel & Spa.


About the Workshop:

For 7 years the producers brought you large International Conferences as “The Wedding Professionals International Conference”, in places like Turks & Caicos and The Bahamas.  Now they have shifted their focus to smaller, more boutique-style workshops.  These workshops are not just theory and fluff.  These are heavy, content-rich, learning experiences with actionable tools and skills to elevate your wedding business.

Of course you will be surrounded by beauty, but more importantly, these seminars are designed to make you dazzle. So Shine on!

Just some of the Speakers:


Diann Valentine, Laura Atentido, Jagdish Brar, Patricia Drewnowska, Meghan Ely, Sam Fleming, Michelle Garber, Carmelina Karas, Jen O’Brien, Cary Silber, Amy Stevenson, Melanie Zettler…

Some of the Topics:

  • State of The Canadian Wedding Industry
  • Who do you think you are? How to Brand Yourself for Maximum Success
  • A Trend Walk
  • How to Gain & Utilize Media
  • The Art of Design
  • WOW Factor Catering
  • The Technical Side of Events
  • Tales from Wedding Professionals- “How I achieved success in the industry”
  • and few surprises!

Get more details at

Register now!


The Parent-Business Tug-Of-War

Photo by

Photo by

by Astra Dwyer, WPICC of On Your Day Events.
This article was chosen as the favoutire article, by Astra’s WPICAlumni peers, in a internal WPIC contest .

Being a mother of four and a business owner is a balancing act meant for a trapeze artist (seriously). The joy (ahem) of 40 little fingers that magically find their way to the keys of my laptop. Four tiny, but vocal, humans that need (and that I enjoy giving) my constant love and attention. Four incredibly tug-at-your-heart-strings bundles of cuteness wrapped in more cuteness, that cause instantaneous heart melting. Oh and I did not forget my sweet, caring and phenomenal 6 foot human I married eight years ago, that is incredibly supportive and attentive to the boys (Yes all boys. You can hear the noise now, can’t you?). We also have aging parents that we love and adore, that need our help on a weekly basis. Now that you have a sense of my world, you may have a hectic family life as well and feel relieved to know that you are not alone. The big question is, how in the world is there time to run a business? Truthfully, I barely had any time and felt that I was burning the candle on both ends and in the middle. There was a constant tug of war happening between business and family. I knew that I could have both, but I also knew I had to make changes so that both could thrive. There are no hard and fast rules to owning a business and having a family. But I will say this:

Be Mindful of What Your Whole Self Needs to Keep Your Whole Self Happy and Healthy

By “Whole Self” I mean spiritually, mentally, physically and of course financially. From understanding this one concept, you will be able to build on the following steps in your own way. Every business owner is unique and all of you reading these steps will take them and use them differently.

1. Assess (and re-assess) your business foundation, not just your goals.

Setting monthly and yearly goals will push you to new levels of success. However without a proper foundation, you will find that you may start to struggle with meeting your goals. Assessing your clients, family life, how much time you have dedicated to both, physical/mental health and how much time you devote to your personal well-being. Where are you suffering? Where are you excelling? Assessing and re-assessing your foundation will make your day-to-day tasks and family lifestyle easier to manage. Your family is always changing. You are always changing. What you decide to do this year may not be what you need to do next year. Ask yourself, how conducive is my business foundation to my personal and business needs right now?

2. Routine is key.

Not just for children, but for you as well. We schedule our days around daycare, feedings, naptime and bedtime. How often do you schedule time for Social Media postings, vendor meet and greets, daily business tasks and down time? In order to be successful, you will need to dedicate at least three hours per day to just your business (not clients) to make sure that it’s running effectively. How did I do that? It wasn’t easy, so I began to dedicate my early mornings as a time to rejuvenate my brain, using prayer and meditation to start my day. After I had this quiet time, I would be in a calm state of mind to review my to-do list for later that day. I pre-scheduled my work hours (each day may be different but I schedule at least three to four) and concentrated on replying to emails and other household/child duties in the meantime. Once I set this routine for myself, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I didn’t feel rushed, trying to fit in what I could, when I could. I was MUCH happier with how I was running my business in the background and was able to give my children more of my time and allowed myself to recharge. Ask yourself, what routine do I need to introduce to improve my work/life balance?

3. Understand your value (Oh, and Rome wasn’t built in a day. Don’t be so hard on yourself).

You are valuable. Recognize that. The sooner you recognize your abilities, the sooner the “what” and “how much” you do, won’t affect how much you believe in yourself. Focus on what you are doing and enjoy the process. I was constantly hard on myself about how many weddings I did per year, I assumed there was something wrong with me if a couple didn’t book my services. I felt as if I failed meeting after meeting. I felt that I, as a person, was not valuable. Thankfully, I had many remarkable reminders from my couples and their families that were extremely happy with their planning experience. Everyone made the same comment- that they felt so relaxed the entire time because they trusted me and had 100% confidence in my abilities. That is what I wanted for them. That was one of my goals! Mission accomplished! With every happy couple, I am reminded why I love what I do and that I am successful. I just had to be aware of how truly valuable I am! Ask yourself, what positive skills or characteristics do you have that you usually ignore?

4. Recognize when your imagination helps you and when it hurts you.

I always thought that I would never compare myself to other wedding planners in the industry and truthfully, I don’t. Then one day, I found myself wondering why I wasn’t busy (Four kids, I know. Funny right?). Why didn’t I have weddings booked every weekend? Is what I’m doing really valuable? It must be me. It has to be me. What am I doing wrong? Oh man, what do others in the industry think of me? Then, my imagination went into overload.

I became focused on what my business wasn’t doing that I lost sight of what my business was doing and what I had already accomplished. I was comparing myself to this mythical business owner that never breaks a sweat, has no issues booking clients every weekend and that everybody loves! Well, I soon realized that if I lived up to this mythical expectation, my children wouldn’t know I’m their mother and that six-foot human (I should really stop calling him that) would ask for proof of ID every time I opened the front door. I realized that a “normal” workload for every planner (and business owner) is different based on their life and personal needs. I am right where I need to be, laying brick after brick to build my Rome. I now let my imagination run wild with all of the incredible possibilities that will be. Ask yourself: what personal thoughts are helping or harming my success right now?

All in all, remind yourself that you are amazing at what you do. You can give thanks for the little or big humans that make your world a better place, the clients that are happy that you made their lives easier and most of all give thanks for who you are as a person. Take the time to recharge. Take the time to accept, love and appreciate where you are right now. The future holds so many possibilities for you. Just wait and see!

Affordable Jewelry Insurance Affordable Jewelry Insurance with Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance


wedding rings

A “Must Do” Before Your Clients Say “I Do”

As wedding planners, our goal is to ensure our clients’ wedding is a milestone that will be filled with cherished memories of their “ever after.” One way we can do that is to encourage them to protect the true symbols of their love – their engagement and wedding rings – with a separate jewelry insurance policy. By mentioning Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and its Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance coverage,you can help your clients live worry-free knowing their special moments and memories are being protected by the established experts in jewelry insurance since 1913.

Many people may have a standard jewelry rider on their homeowners or renters insurance, but the worldwide, comprehensive coverage* from Jewelers Mutual covers damage, loss, mysterious disappearance (unexplained loss) and even loose stones while they are being set by your jeweler, where other carriers can fall short.  In fact, Glamour Weddings recently endorsed  jewelry insurance as one of the three most important things to do to avoid major wedding mistakes.

Your clients will be surprised at how affordable jewelry insurance can be.

Rates depend on where you live. But for most people, purchasing jewelry insurance coverage from Jewelers Mutual will cost 1-2% of the value of the jewelry. For example, if your client has a $5,000 engagement ring, it could cost as little as $50 a year to protect.

In addition to worldwide, comprehensive coverage, benefits of a Jewelers Mutual policy include:

  • Same Kind and Quality: Repaired or replaced jewelry will be virtually indistinguishable from the original, especially important with name-brand jewelry.
  • Use Your Preferred Jeweler: No need for multiple estimates from various jewelers.
  • No Deductible Required: And no limits on the value of coverage.  A minimum annual policy premium is $25.
  • Automatic Coverage: Customers with an existing policy from Jewelers Mutual enjoy up to 30 days of automatic coverage (subject to a limit of up to $10,000) on any newly acquired jewelry items.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: From applying for a quote to the actual replacement and repair, Jewelers Mutual is known for putting the customer first.

What’s more, we’ve all heard stories of clients losing their rings on their honeymoon, so take the opportunity to educate them on the importance of properly protecting their rings BEFORE they take off.  And while doing so, you can share these tips to help your clients keep their jewelry safe and sound while traveling:

  • Choose wisely. Pack light and take only the jewelry you’ll wear while traveling and at your destination. The 4-carat diamond ring you save for special occasions? Probably not. The pearls that go with everything? Definitely.
  • Make a list. List all the jewelry you’ll take with you. Keep one copy with you and store it separately from your jewelry. Leave another copy at home. Also take pictures or a video of your jewelry.
  • Carry it on. Never put jewelry in checked baggage. Instead, wear it or stow it in your carryon bag. If you wear it, take extra care by slipping a pendant inside a sweater or turning your ring so only the band shows.
  • Keep it with you. Put your jewelry in a favorite bag you’ll carry while traveling. Don’t leave your jewelry in an unattended car or suitcase. When checking into your hotel or condo, don’t hand your jewelry bag to hotel staff. Carry it personally.
  • Use the safe. Always store jewelry in the in-room safe when you’re not wearing it

 Connect with Jewelers Mutual:




5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

wpic wedding planner

by Danielle Andrews Sunkel

When you own your own business, time truly is money.  Everything carries an “Opportunity Cost” (the benefit/value are you giving up or missing out on by performing the task at hand.)  Increasing your productivity increases your bottom line, by freeing your time to improve your business or quality of life.

Here are 5 ways to increase your productivity:

  1. Unsubscribe from Junk Email.  Important messages can get lost amongst the plethora of junk emails you have clogging up your Inbox.  For the next month, unsubscribe from every junk or advertising email you receive.
  2. Clear your Clutter.  A cluttered workspace can make you feel overwhelmed and leave you stagnant and unproductive.   Clear the clutter to clear your mind so you are better able to focus and be more productive.
  3. Make a List Every Day.  Each morning before you sit down to work make a list of all that you intend to accomplish or need to do.  Sometimes, all those tasks can overwhelm you into not being able to do anything.  A list will help you focus, keep you on task and remind you what you need to do next.  Personally, I am the “Queen of Post-Its,” there are always lists on Post-its stuck around my desk.
  4. Kill Three Birds with One Stone.  Make every trip count by stacking appointments.  If you have a meeting with clients and another wedding professional, book a couple more meetings in that same geographical area or with that same couple and other professionals.  Need to run an errand, what else can you do on this trip? Bring your iPad and read a business book while you get your oil changed, answer client emails while getting your highlights done.  Never waste your precious time.
  5. Work Out.  It has been proven time and again that physical exercise can improve productivity by keeping you more alert, focussed and energized.  Regular exercise also reduces stress, curbs anxiety and improves immunity.  Just like vehicles need to be tuned for peak productivity, so do people ;)

Photo by

Danielle Andrews Sunkel Photo by

WPIC Goes to Couples Resorts in Negril, Jamaica

By: Tracey Manailescu


I’ve got Jamaica on my mind…Thanks to Couples Resorts!

After speaking at the Jamaica Bridal Conference and then having a booth at the Jamaica Bridal Expo (see previous blog) in Montego Bay, we were picked up by Couples and taken to Negril.  The last time we were in Negril, the roads were so windy that we needed Graval, now there is a much-improved highway, and it’s a relaxing hour and a half drive from Montego Bay.

Couples Swept Away, Negril JA

Couples Swept Away, Negril JA

Couples Swept Away -Pro Pool

Couples Swept Away -Vendors on the beach

Beautiful sunset at Couples Swept Away

Ceremony location at Couples Swept Away

Spa at Swept Away

Another gorgeous sunset at Couples Swept Away

When we arrived, we went straight into site visits of Couples Swept Away and then over to Couples Negril. Both are utterly charming in their own right. We had the absolute pleasure of staying three nights at Couples Swept Away to experience it as much as we possibly could in a short time frame. We were able to experience the beautiful beach, the fine dining, the bar(s), a massage at the spa, and a catamaran cruise at sunset.

Couples Negril

Jamaica Negril pool

Pool at Couples Negril

Jamaica reception area at Negril

Reception location at Couples Negril

Jamaica Treehouse for massage Negril

Treehouse used for couples massages & private dinners for 2 at Couples Negril.

Beach ceremony location at Couples Negril

Couples Negril garden ceremony location

Shout out to the ladies on staff at Feathers at Couples Swept Away! They made our fine dining experience fun and memorable, and kept us laughing the entire meal.

We were able to meet with so many guests who were on their honeymoons, and who were having the time of their lives in this romantic, yet fun, atmosphere. There were also many guests that we spoke with, who were returning guests, or who were planning their next trip back already. I have to say, that I was doing the same, so that my husband and I could experience it as Couples Resorts intended. There is something about Negril that feels so right.  It is so laid back, relaxing, and yet has a fun and playful side to it. The beaches and sunsets are like nothing else, anywhere. Period. You know how some places say they are all inclusive, and for the most part they are.  Well, take a look at what Couples Resorts includes. I am NOT even kidding!!!

Couples Extraordinary Inclusions:


Activities & Amenities Tower Isle Sans Souci Negril Swept Away
Airport Transfers and Hotel Taxes MBJ MBJ MBJ MBJ
Exquisitely Appointed, Air-Conditioned Rooms & Suites 226 150 234 312
Hair Dryer in Room
Cable TV
Iron and Ironing Board in Room
Coffee Maker in Room
IPOD/MP3 Docking Station in Room
Safety Deposit Box in Room
Personalized Mini Bar
Restaurants, from Gourmet to Casual 6 5 4 6
Fruit and Veggie Bar
Grill pool beach beach beach
In-Room Dining breakfast** breakfast
Bars 4 6 6 8
Piano Bar
Swim-Up Bar 2 1 1 1
Nightly Live Entertainment
Jacuzzi 4 3 4 5
PADI-Certified Scuba Dives
Hobie Cat
Water Bike
Paddle Boards
Body Boards
Freshwater Pools 4 3 2 4
Lap Pool
Mineral Water Pool
Golf (Includes Green Fees & Transfer) ▲
Tennis Courts with Free Lesson * 3 astro turf (all lit) 2 hard (all lit) 4 hard (2 lit) 5 clay 5 hard (all lit)
Air-Conditioned Squash Courts 2
Air-Conditioned Racquetball Courts 2
Fully Equipped Gym, Aerobics, Yoga, Aquasize
Au Natural Sunbathing
Indoor Game Room
Complimentary Wedding Ceremony (with stay of 6 nights or more) ✤
Renewal of Wedding Vows (Pre-Arranged) ●
Complimentary Off Site Excursions
Dunns River Falls
Glass Bottom Boat Ride
Trip to Margaritaville
Shopping Shuttle
Catamaran Cruise
Trip to Popular Sunset Bar
Tour Desk
Complimentary Wifi
Spa Services ♦ ♥
Beauty Salon ♦
Gift Shop & Boutique ♦
Duty Free Shop ♦
24 hr food service, unlimited premium brand drinks, all tips and gratuities
We observe a strict no tipping policy at all our resorts in Jamaica.
✓ Included ‹ Except Atrium, Beachfront and Premier Suites. ▲ Clubs, carts and mandatory caddies not included. ♦ Available for a fee.
✤ Pre-arranged weddings incur a $250 pre-administration processing, government license and marriage certificate fee additional. ♥ Complimentary half -hour His and Her Massage available to Honeymooners and Romance Rewards benefits for repeat guests: conditions apply. * Once per stay. ** Dinner in suites.
Inclusions may be changed or withdrawn at any time, without notice.

WPIC at Jamaica Bridal Expo

By: Tracey Manailescu

Danielle and I were invited to speak at Jamaica’s Bridal Expo “Wedding Conference” on Friday, September 19th, 2014 at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in Montego bay, Jamaica. We had not one, but two seminars that we presented. We were in wonderful company amongst the other speakers (as seen below). We then were invited to “Brides Night Out” at Robbie’s Kitchen which was by invitation only. This was in honour of the 10 couples who won a trip to Jamaica from Brides Magazine to  as well as had a booth in the trade show of the Jamaica Bridal Expo on September 20th & 21st, 2014 to promote our WPIC certification course in Jamaica on January 17th & 18th, 2015 at Couples San Souci.

I have to say we were treated like royalty by the amazing team of Executive Producers: Kathy Ann Everhart, Jo-Anne Paxton and Peter Shoucair J.P.  I cannot say enough about their warmth and kindness, as well as utter professionalism, that they each showed throughout the entire weekend. Thank you. It was so appreciated! Not only did they work hard, but they made it look effortless with over 80 exhibitors, daily entertainment, fashion shows, a live wedding onstage, a wedding cake competition at the Jamaica Bridal Expo on the Saturday and Sunday.

Photo: Max Earle

Jamaica Robbies Kitchen party 2014

Jamaica Robbies Kitchen Sign

Jamaica Robbies Kitchen party Tom & us 2014

We also ran into WPIC Alumni, Jennifer Borgh in Jamaica, too.  Actually we didn’t run into her, we were lucky enough to be treated out to dinner by her at none other than Robbie’s Kitchen the night we arrived.  How funny is that? Good thing we enjoyed it, because we were there two nights in a row!  This lady always makes it fun ;)

Another highlight for me, was when I was asked to be a judge for the Cake Tasting competition. You bet I said yes!  Can you say “yum”?

Some of the amazing booths at the Jamaica Bridal Expo:

Jamaica Bridal Expo Sharon Saint T Bair

Jamaica Bridal Expo Luxe Booth

Wedding Planner Plus Jamaica

We were given ocean front suites at Iberostar Rose Hall and the service and staff were so friendly and accommodating.  My awesome housekeeper, “Naudia” even helped me pack up the beach balls in bags for our seminar on the Friday morning.

We had a wonderful time and look forward to next time, Jamaica!