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Pantone Releases Wedding Colors for 2016


They are out!  We are so excited!!! (Whoot whoot!)  Which one is your favorite?

Here, are more detail on the top 10 from


1. Rose Quartz 13-1520 Percentage of designers who used this color: 22.55
“This really is a beautiful pink that will radiate well on the skin for women as well as men,” Eiseman said. “Women can always be helped along by cosmetics, but guys have to rely on the colors they’re wearing to sometimes make them look a little healthier.”


2. Peach Echo 16-1548 Percentage of designers who used this color: 19.87
“We know the oranges have been hanging in there even though historically orange is a color that comes and goes. Peach Echo is a very warm, friendly and accessible color,” Eiseman said.


3. Serenity 15-3919 Percentage of designers who used this color: 15.86
“As the name suggests, Serenity is a calming color that plays to the whole idea that we know we’re still living in turbulent times. Blues simply relay that feeling of relaxation,” Eiseman said.


4. Snorkel Blue 19-4049 Percentage of designers who used this color: 15.21
Eiseman said this shade is “meant to be a bit more fun, less serious than navy, and serve as one of the anchor colors for the spring palette.”


5. Buttercup 12-0752 Percentage of designers who used this color: 11.45
“Buttercup is all about sunlight, happiness and cheer — this one just speaks to give us a ray of sunshine, something to be hopeful about. It really energizes,” Eiseman said.


6. Limpet Shell 13-4810 Percentage of designers who used this color: 11.23
“Lovely and refreshing,” Limpet Shell is a blue that has a slightly green twinge, according to Eiseman. Given the number of news stories about climate change concerns, it’s not surprising that in recent seasons many people are instinctively reaching for cooler colors and blues, she added.


7. Lilac Gray 16-3905 Percentage of designers who used this color: 9.78
“There is a need for neutrals every season and this one has a hint of the purple family that is soft and subtle,” Eiseman said. “In light of the state of the economy, people are still mindful about the way they spend their money. If they invested in gray in recent seasons, as many people have, this is a color that is not going to say to them, ‘Oh, that’s so yesterday — I have to get rid of that.’”


8. Fiesta 17-1564 Percentage of designers who used this color: 8.99
“The south-of-the-border influence really plays heavily into this particular shade of red, which is more warm-based than a cha, cha, cha red. It’s very free-spirited,” Eiseman said.



9. Iced Coffee 15-1040 Percentage of designers who used this color: 8.92
“With a tan disposition, Iced Coffee has a warmth that combines well with everything else,” Eiseman said.


10. Green Flash 15-0146 Percentage of designers who used this color: 8.68
With a yellow undertone, this bright green would be well-accepted for spring or summer. “Urban design is very much at the forefront of people’s minds. It’s a fantastic color to combine with others and it may be the driver to buy something new,” she said.

WPIC Office Table Design Challenge

One Table, Three Looks

One Table, Three Looks

We decided to have some fun and have a ‘WPIC Office Tables Design Challenge”.

The rules were simple:

  1. Each person had to use the same chairs, table, glass and silverware.
  2. Each person was assigned a coloured chair flower to build their table design around.
  3. A budget of $150 to make that vision come to life.


The wonderful Rohan Laylor, of Phat Dog Visuals, agreed to let us take over his gorgeous studio in Toronto for our design challenge and he documented the whole day for us.  We had so much fun.

Now we need you to choose the winner of our challenge!

So here are the designs, we won’t reveal who is behind each one until a winner has been decided.  Check out the designs and tell us in the comments which table design is your favourite.

Table 1: Pink Flower

Chair Flower: CV Linens
Mosaic Vases: Homesense
Small Vases: Michaels
Florals: Costco
Servingware, Crystal and Silverware: Chairman Mills
Table Linen: The Linen Closet
Chairs: Detailz Couture
Photographer: Phat Dog Visuals

blue and pink wedding

Pink and Turquoise wedding table

blue and pink tablescape blue and pink wedding table

pink and blue wedding

champagne glasses pink champagne

Pink and turquoise wedding table

Table 2: Ivory Flower

Chair Flower: CV Linens
Pillows and Napkins: Homesense
Crystal and Silverware: Chairman Mills
Props: Value Village
Florals: Michaels
Table Linen: The Linen Closet
Chairs: Detailz Couture
Photographer: Phat Dog Visuals

ebony and ivory wedding

black and gold vase on chair


menu card



white chair flower

Table 3: Yellow Flower

Chair Flower: CV Linens
Florals: Costco
Silverware: Chairman Mills
Plates: Kitchen Stuff Plus
Napkins, Table Runner, Glassware: Homesense
Table Linen: The Linen Closet
Chairs: Detailz Couture
Photographer: Phat Dog Visuals

yellow and blue wedding

blue and yellow tablescape

blue and yellow wedding table blue and yellow wedding table

yellow and blue wedding

blue and yellow wedding

blue and yellow table

We need you to choose the winner of our challenge!

Tell us in the comments which table design is your favourite.

This One’s For The Girls -Styled Shoot by Tracey M Events

Submitted to us by WPIC Co-founder, Tracey Manailescu, of Tracey M Events

This styled shoot was previously featured on The Wedding Opera

“This styled shoot was a collaboration of some truly remarkable and talented people. Our goal was to showcase Toronto weddings and all that they encompass.

 Downtown Toronto is a mixture of cultures, customs, food, fashion and decor.  It’s exciting, romantic and lively. We tried to show this in our styled shoot with friendships from different backgrounds, blending a touch of heritage in a modern and whimsical way, and adding personal touches throughout.

The colors are bold, yet dreamy, and the overall feel was accomplished by being warm and trendy at the same time.”


Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photo: Dave Abreu Photography

Photo: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography


Photography: Dave Abreu photography

Photography: Dave Abreu photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Eaton Chelsea18

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography


Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography


Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Eaton Chelsea22

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Eaton Chelsea24

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Concept, Design & Planner: Tracey M Events

Venue: Chelsea Hotel Toronto

Florals: DT Floral & Decor

Wedding Gown: Mori Lee from She’s So Beautiful

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: She’s So Beautiful

Paper Floral Wall: Dream Events in Paper

Chairs: Detailz Chair Couture

Cake and Desserts: Cake Glam

Cake Topper: Love Letters by Elite Designs

Hair & Makeup: Yellow Orange Salon & Spa

Videographer: Wedding Films Toronto

Linens: The Linen Closet

Stationery: Ferris Wheel Press

“Chino” the Dog Model: Leash & Paws

Block “Love” Letters: Ettridges Wedding Rentals

Models: Vivid, Michelle, Ingrid, Awa, Hannah, Ellen

The Importance of Wedding Keepsakes

Photo by Dave Abreu

Photo by Dave Abreu Photography

by Mary Pattison, of Love Letters by Elite Designs Co.

I’ve been married for over 20 years and while I’d choose the same wonderful man I would love a wedding “do over”. The elegance and thoughtfulness that is put into every detail of a wedding these days is absolutely breathtaking.  My favourite trend is the way that weddings today reflect the couple.

“Couples want to personalize everything…” Tracey Manailescu, Tracey M Events

Shopped A with chandeliere on leftApart from making it so much more enjoyable for everyone, the brilliance inherent in this trend is that after the big day there are things that a couple can take home as a keepsake.

It takes a lot of effort not just ‘zone out’ after 20+ years in any relationship. Although I’m not a tchotchke kinda girl I do find that it helps to have a few things on display that remind me of one of our happiest days together. For me it’s a funny candid photo of us on our wedding day that I keep on my bedroom dresser and a piece of driftwood from the beach where we got engaged that sits in our front garden as our love totem.

Fortunately couples today have many more elegant options for incorporating personalized elements into their wedding that can transition into their marriage afterwards. I now own a small business that makes Swarovski crystallized monograms for wedding décor and I recently spent a lot of time taking photos showing how these beautiful pieces can transition into home décor afterwards. While I was doing this to demonstrate the added value of our product it dawned on me that the greatest value of any keepsake in our lives is to provide a gentle reminder to celebrate each other long after the excitement of the wedding gives way to the comfort of every day – and you can’t put a price on that!


  1. A couple’s monogram adds a uniquely personal touch of elegance and Love Letters offers a choice of traditional script or more contemporary block fonts.
  2. Nothing sparkles like Swarovski crystals and Love Letters can be ordered in over 25 colours.
  3. Even a rustic wedding will benefit from a subtle touch of crystal for contrast.
  4. Love Letters add a beautiful and elegant touch to a couple’s home décor after the wedding day.
  5. Love Letters can custom design any word or saying and fully or partially crystallize it to match your budget.

Love your life.

XO, Mary


The custom WPIC Logo sign that Love Letters created with over 2,000 Swarovski crystals!

Mary Pattison owns Love Letters. What started as a simple cake topper business in 2012 has evolved into a gift and décor company capable of creating much larger pieces for dramatic backdrops, elegant curtain ties backs, freestanding table décor or floral embellishments and  every piece is still lovingly crafted in with the hope that these letters will be treasured and incorporated into a couple’s home as a reminder of this joyful time in their lives for years to come.

Rose and Gold Styled Wedding Shoot

It’s rare that vendors get featured in a styled shoot, so it is fun to see some working shots in the mix of these stylized photos.


The initial theme development of this soft rose and gold cake table stylized shoot is accredited to lead design coordinators of Events by Whim, Alisha Chadee and Michelle Brijlal. The increasingly popular trend of this color combination originally inspired this shoot. The style shoot was produced in a park setting at Ashbridge’s Bay in Toronto.


rose and gold wedding table outdoors

Three midsized floral arrangements and one larger show stopping arrangement with hydrangeas, blush and purple roses as the focus graced the table, as well as a stunning 3-tiered cake with handcrafted and hand-painted sugar flowers. Gold votives and pearls finished the look and completed the table.

qkQHG7o8iBGz7Uq8rH42QeBV6NYC07TABzk8iVGXA5s,ZJp0U4NFK43RdSLCjYktamsYXLsk-lDUbHISgsoEdog,IVC_hvK30tK9HBJ8s2HZPuKlJ4G1hkEfMyYMlO5uHqw oQbOPPR7Kk82Cv7hirssw6RGKv_8XZpIkx6wr5d2B8U,GdqTOqojnoCXUQnPCCfhfT_qfPBeO6BQZYYmfHX2Yyc,uP8imAUijsyXvv0OmIeWSlOiXMTfXnWYflfB14Q-SEc

The gorgeous cake was provided by Sonia of Sinfully Sweet by Sonia J. Her attention to detail in designing this stunning cake was nothing short of sensational, as she managed to capture the softness, femininity and beauty of this delicate theme perfectly.


There were two different set ups in total. The first one featured a rose-coloured satin tablecloth with a blush pink lace overlay. The second included a white satin table cloth with two sequined blush table runners laid on top, and draped down the sides.



The floral arrangements were displayed on elevated brushed gold stands and placed on the table to complement the positioning of the cake, which was also placed on a gold cake stand. Design coordinators Alisha and Michelle used small mercury gold votives filled with pearls as tapered candle holders, and placed them between the flowers and cake to portray. The greenery in the floral display brought to mind a rose garden, while the gold and pearl accents created a dreamy, soft cake table.




Planning, Décor & Coordination: Whim Event Coordination and Design
Photography: Thomas Zitnansky
Cake: Sinfully Sweet by Sonia J
Floral Arrangements: Therese Guidolin Designs
Hair and Makeup: Sonia Kang Artistry
Location: Ashbridge’s Bay, Toronto


Get Your Destination Wedding Specialist Certification Through WPIC…LIVE!


WPIC inc. will be hosting the DWC course on Sunday, August 23, 2015 at the Radisson Admiral.

Date: Sunday, August 23, 2015
Breakfast: 9:30am
Course Time: 10-6pm
(Lunch at 1pm)
Poolside Cocktail Party: 6pm

Location: Radisson Admiral ~249 Queen’s Quay West
A special room rate of $170 is available for those who wish to stay over the night prior or after the class.


Cost of Course: $349CDN

Register Now! (click)

WPIC Instructor, Monica Caesar (and DW expert of Aisle Plan Your Day) will be facilitating the course.

Headshot of Monica Caesar WPIC

Topics include:

  • History of Destination Weddings
  • Who is the Destination Client?
  • Advice from an Expert
  • Where do you start?
  • Budget, Research, Places to get Married
  • Themes
  • Making the Wedding Special for Everyone
  • How to find Reputable Vendors
  • Contracts & Fees
  • Legalities & Marriage Requirements on Destinations
  • Marketing to Destination Wedding clients
  • Destination Wedding Statistics, etc.

Guest speakers:

  • Jennifer Borgh of Jennifer Borgh Events and Travel Only
  • Representatives from the Mexico Tourism Board, Jamaica Tourism Board, Barbados Tourism Board and the Bahamas Tourism Board
Successful candidates will be certified as a “DWC” Destination Wedding Coordinator (Wedding Planners) or “DWS” Destination Wedding SPecialist (Travel Agents) and may use the corresponding initials after their name.
Requirements for Wedding Planners:
You must be certified in Wedding Planning/Coordination by a WPIC-recognized Institute.
Requirements for Travel Agents:
You must be a registered Travel Counselor/Agent.Student must be in attendance for in-person training, then you will have 3 months to complete the manual, write an on-line examination and submit a project.
For those of you already DWC or DWS, and would like to learn the latest information and in-person training, contact us at for reduced payment details.

You are then invited to a Pool Party overlooking Lake Ontario, hosted by the Radisson Admiral & WPIC, after the class!

Radisson Admiral poolradisson admiral pool

D & W Entertainment Group will provide the music for the event (You remember how amazing they were at the WPIC Kickoff!)

This event will be featured on the blog, as well as professionally photographed by WPIC’er Yan Zhou of A Vision Studios

Deadline to Register:
August 16, 2015


Continuing Education classes for Wedding Pros that won’t take too much time or break the bank!

woman taking online course

by Danielle Andrews Sunkel

At WPIC we strongly believe you are never finished with your education.  There is always something new to learn and a better way of doing things.

Here are a few Continuing Education classes to help you be the best Wedding Professional you can be, that won’t break the bank or take too much of your valuable time!

man sketching

Sketching or Creative Professionals

Being able to communicate your vision to clients and other wedding professionals is a wonderful and very necessary tool.  There is an one-hour introduction to sketching class taught by Mary Phan and offered through Brit +Co for the amazing price of $19.99USD!  Or you can attend the full class in person for $349 through The Sketchbook Series.

woman decorating cakeCake Decorating

Being able to properly fix a wedding cake mishap is something every Wedding Planner should know.  Luckily there are inexpensive cake decorating “The Wilton Method” courses offered by Wilton at your local Michael’s store!

blogger photography

Photography for Building Business

We all know how visual our wedding clients can be.  Having an attractive Blog or Instagram account with lots of eye candy, are a couple ways to attract new clients.  Improving your photography skills can take as little as 45 minutes through another great course via Brit & Co, Photography for Bloggers.

flower arranging

The Basics of Floral Arranging

You should be able to create a boutonniere or corsage in a pinch, or even fix a bouquet.  Within four weeks and an investment of only $125, this  online class from Nicole’s Classes will teach you the basics including a hand-tied bouquet, flower arranging, wedding head wreaths and more.

Never. Stop. Learning.


What’s in Your Wedding Emergency Kit?


By: Tracey Manailescu Emergency Kit from Bottles and burbs Photo: Bottles and Burbs

Bridesmaids dresses bursting at the seams, groomsmen with bad breath, an obsession with clean hands, a bride who didn’t work in the wedding shoes, don’t worry.  We’ve got this! There hasn’t been a wedding that I have coordinated, that my Emergency Kit was not used.  It is invaluable to your couple, the wedding party and to you, as a wedding coordinator. My bag has a strap on it so it can be brought everywhere that I go with ease. It has different compartments to keep things organzied,  and has a cooling bag inside of it to keep an ice pack.  The most used items in my kit are a butane lighter and band-aids.

The butane lighter is great for lighting hard to reach candles in votive holders if the Decorator leaves before they need to be lit for guests entering the reception area, and the band-aids are great for the wedding party who haven’t worked in their wedding shoes. band aids butane lighter









Here are some uses of items in Tracey M Events emergency kit: *Items may change at any given wedding

Hairspray/Static Guard: Bridesmaids dresses may cling in all of the wrong places. Spray a little static guard on the inside of the dress and, BAM, all is good! These two items seem to be interchangeable. A tip that I leaned from a dancer was to spray static guard or hairspray on the bottoms of the shoes (that don’t have treads on them) will make the soles slip proof. I used this trick for a Mother of the Groom one time, and she was freaking out. She couldn’t believe how well this worked!

Sunscreen: Sometimes couples forget to put sunscreen on before the makeup is applied, or just in general for all of those outdoor photos. Nothing worse then a sunburn:(

Evian Spray: This is great to refresh the entire wedding party! It’s also great to touch up the makeup.  Smudges and fine lines that may appear after all of that smiling and those tears of happiness. It won’t ruin the makeup and will make you picture perfect again. (Just use a q-tip or makeup pads/sponge to correct what needs to be touched up and removed.)

Advil/Tylenol: We have both for the simple fact that each does different things to different people. (*Please note that it is in original packaging, with the date of expiry clearly visable and checked before each wedding.) We can tell you we have it, take it out of our emergency kit, but then we have to place it on a flat service, unopened container, and let you open it yourself to take the Advil/Tylenol.

After Bite: We can’t stop you from getting bit or stung from all of those pesky bugs out there, but we can definitely give you some relief with After Bite spray.

Light Bulb: For Jewish weddings it is much easier to break a light bulb then to break a glass wrapped in cloth.  “Mazel tov!” We have actually had a light bulb shatter minutes before heading down the aisle at a wedding ceremony, and had to scramble to get a replacement from cleaning staff at a venue.  Now, we carry an extra, just in case :) The list goes on and on…Chances are though, it’s in our emergency kit!

Real Wedding- A & J

WPIC Cofounder, Tracey Manailescu shares a real wedding with us from her wedding planning company, Tracey M Events

*This wedding was previously featured on Event Source:

Jennifer Troietto and I had the pleasure of working with Amy & Joe on their “Night Club” themed wedding at the beautiful Winona Vine Estates. We still can’t believe how easy going and accommodating Mizzy and his staff were. A special thanks to Studio Chris for the photos. The venue was transformed inside and out by the talented Lynn Sousa & team of Classic CreationsWedding Decor. This couple’s wedding truly embodied what family, love and friendship is to us. There was so much love and happiness in every aspect of the day. Amy & Joe’s first priority was making their guests feel welcomed and beyond loved. They made sure to include their children and family in everything they did.

“Hi Tracey, I want to thank u very much for everything u have done for me!!! Sorry it’s that late but I have been crazy busy with the moving and new school and new life…Lol! Hope you guys are great and I hope to see u soon…maybe you can come for a barbeque one weekend…Xo xo xo”



A beautiful Romanian Orthodox ceremony, complete with chandeliers and doves took place on the grounds where the staged area was draped. They even thought to have umbrellas and fans at every chair for the sun and heat. A string trio was playing for the guests after the ceremony while the wedding party and couple went for photos.



Photo: Tracey's cell phone

Photo: Tracey’s cell phone

Photo: Tracey's cell phone

Photo: Tracey’s cell phone

Photo: Tracey's cell phone

Photo: Tracey’s cell phone




At the reception the guests were greeted by the couple and a great photo booth set up by BEN best entertainment network  at the entrance with a gorgeous blinged out 5×7 frame to keep the photos as a keepsake. A & J photobooth

Jennifer Troietto & Tracey Manailescu of Tracey M Events

Jennifer Troietto & Tracey Manailescu of Tracey M Events

When they went inside the ballroom an open bar, and a double martini luge along with a deluxe antipasto bar greeted them.



Ummm…Did we mention the brides FAB shoes?

Live bands playing tradionional Romanian folk and modern music entertained everyone, along with a DJ playing club hits, that kept everyone on their feet all night long.















A bridal capture took place until the groom had to pay off the captures, two wedding dress changes, and then Brazilain Samba dancers came in and shook the place up even more.





Guests were then asked to step outside, where sparklers were handed out for the cake cutting, and then a fireworks show amazed everyone.  This wedding was every Eastern European girls’ dream come true!





The food was incredible and seemed never ending! Take a look at what was on the menu (these photos are only from the antipasto station):







Deluxe antipasto bar Shopska salad Filet de sole served with chefs red pepper risotto Grilled long bone veal chop served with yukon gold, smoked gouda and bacon pave with a bundle of seasonal vegetables Platter of chicken al limone Rasberry sorbet with fresh berries Sweet table including wedding cake Fresh fruit and pastries Midnight buffet We are so happy to have been a part of Amy & Joe’s wedding. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and love!

Tracey M Events Tracey with Amy and Jow

The Not-So-Glamorous Life of a Wedding Planner, PART 2

wedding planner meme

by Danielle Andrews Sunkel and a bunch of WPIC Certified Wedding Planners

One of my favorite blog posts to date is, “The Not-So-Glamorous Life of a Wedding Planner“.  WPICers told stories about their craziest and least-glamorous times on the job, so here is Part 2.

People think being a Wedding Planner is all glamour and fluff, not real work, well let us tell you about that…

I asked our WPICAlumni community, “What have you done for a couple that you never realized would be a part of being a professional wedding coordinator?”, most of us had many examples:

  • “I made several dress holders out of garbage bags so my bride could pee in private and not require anyone to hold her dress.
  • I’ve driven the couples’ grandparents home during the reception.
  • I’ve also driven a stranded bridesmaid home after a fight with her boyfriend at the wedding.
  • Cleaning a bathroom when the venue refused to because they said the guests were too messy, LOL.
  • Written the entire MC speech and program for a very reluctant MC (the couple had no idea, still don’t).
  • I cut and plated the wedding cake for 100 guests because the caterer was used to corporate events and had never cut a wedding cake.
  • Something I never thought I would have to do: fold the napkins for the entire guest list. ” -Danielle Andrews Sunkel, The Wedding Planners

“The list goes on and on, but includes:

  • Building & Staking 180 solar lights.
  • Running guests from the reception tent to the washrooms under an umbrella all night (over 200 guests and not 1 brought their own umbrella-they used the 3 I had for the whole night.)
  • Busing tables.
  • Learning how to run a generator.
  • Finding lost items in the reception site the day after the wedding.
  • Picking up garbage and beer cans from the grounds.
  • Driving to 3 different venues the day after the wedding to collect various borrowed and rented items.
  • Making 2 trips into town to buy beer, wine and water on the father of the groom’s credit card.
  • Asking guests to use the bathrooms provided and not pee 10 feet from the tent.” -Ashlie Metcalf, Harmony Wedding & Event Coordinator


  • “Helping a catering company to cut and pass out the cake (Same catering company helped me earlier to get rid of 10,762 ants that came out of the peonies in centrepieces)
  • Folding 199 napkins into pocket folds for menus (with Gaitree, LOL!) because the venue would only put them in glasses
  • Driven a photographer home from Caledon to downtown Toronto, then he asked me out for drinks…(I said no)
  • Break up a photo shoot that the MIL set up for herself, so that the couple’s individual shots could get done
  • Hidden a couple from the parents so they could practise their first dance & have a few minutes alone, & blocked the door (I ushered them outside & told the Mother I hadn’t seen them)
  • Filled toilet paper and paper towels dispenser. I had to get supplies from an upstairs room that was supposedly HAUNTED. *My assistant refused to come with me…LOL” -Tracey Manailescu, Tracey M Events


  •  “Lifted up a bride’s dress during the photo shoot to place a battery operated fan underneath her dress (over and over again as they walked) to keep her cool.
  • Drove to the bride’s family house and “broke into” the house (with the permission) to get her speech
  • Checked in on a dog ring-bearer throughout the night to make sure he had enough food/water
  • Pulled a wedgie from a bride’s bum, UNDERNEATH her dress because she couldn’t reach it
  • Set up an entire wedding tent (ceremony chairs, head table, guest tables, bar, linen, cutlery, glassware and flatware, folded 200 pocket napkins) on a farm (next to a mosquito infested marsh) with an assistant who was 5 months pregnant in the middle of July
  • Ordered 150 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s and picked them up for a late night buffet
  • Cut a wedding cake with a rubber spatula on the back patio of a venue because we were evacuated for possible building combustion (needless to say the cake looked spectacular on paper plates! LOL)
  • Drove a photographers car around downtown Toronto because he decided last minute he could capture better photos if he was on the bus with the bridal party
  • IRONED satin napkins to a fold because the bride had to have a pocket fold with her slippery satin napkins
  • Went to the MoH’s hotel room (she gave me the room number, and key) to get her speech. The key didn’t work, so I had to go to the front desk to explain what was going on, thankfully they let me in. I texted the MoH when I got there and didn’t find the speech. Found out I was in the WRONG ROOM and had gone through this person’s things! Had to go back down to the front desk to get the key for the right room. [Seriously sometimes I think I could get charged for breaking and entering.]
  • Running servers from the food tent to the reception tent with a umbrella over the food so that it stayed dry, meanwhile we were soaking wet!
  • Chased a guest outside the venue to track down rented escort card holders, table number holder and napkin rings they thought they could keep!
    Oh my gosh! There are so many!” – Kim Choy, Morganley Events

“I had to find my bride’s chihuahua that was hiding in her parents basement because she wouldn’t leave for the church without a photo of her and her dog.”  Maria Sun Dela Cruz, Envision Elegance

  • “Ordered & paid for pizza for a band because the venue didn’t want to feed them
  • Convinced party crashers they weren’t the brother of the groom at a NYE wedding at an ultra-formal wedding (crashers were white and wore jeans, groom is a family friend and Chinese)
  • Set up an entire tented wedding while 5 months pregnant … Wait, Kim already mentioned that one.
  • Ate dinner from common dishes by the light of cell phones with 4 photographers behind the backdrop.” -Erin Bosak, Erin Bosak Weddings


  • “Assembled candelabras at the venue for the centerpieces – in two hours!
  • Chiseled incorrect names off an ice sculpture for the ice cream bar .” -Alessia Velocci & Daniela Voci, aVd Events Inc.

“Having to use the Men’s room at a park wedding (not by choice)!” -Valerie Gower, The Occasion Sensation

  • “Escorted a venue security guard off the premise, as he was asking guests for food.
  • Booked a (last-minute) nail appointment for the bride as she decided to `fix`her shellac nails 2.5 hours before the ceremony. I tried to stop her, but she refused my suggestion for having my assistant and I fix her nails instead. She was willing to `sacrifice`other things for the nails…such as first look photos…
  • Confirm that there was indeed a DEAD DEER in the middle of the driving path down to the main roads.” -Phoebe Lo, Phoebe Lo Events


  • “Folded 100 Napkins in a very complicated napkin fold because the venue couldn’t.
  • Printed out menu cards for the couple because the printer messed up and put the wrong couple’s names on the menu.
  • Became ‘security’ for a couple’s mother-in-law when she attempted to cause a scene disrupting the reception introductions.
  • Cleaned up Bathrooms at a venue.
  • Stepped in as the MC when the original MC got too drunk to perform his duties.
  • Stepped in as a ‘photographer’ when the hired photographer decided to leave early.
  • Steamed table linen at a venue.  Etc. Etc. Etc. There is soo much.” -Denise Newell, WeDDings Jubilee


  • “Moved over 100 chairs for an outdoor ceremony with 2 other ladies (since the “men” asked didn’t show up)
  • got a band member to download the first dance song to play on their laptop since the person with the song didn’t have it on their phone
  • reattached fake eyelashes with a toothpick several times
  • got suckered into dancing with an old family friend of the bridal couple.
  • made a toss bouquet out of centerpiece flowers 2 mins before the bouquet toss
  • spraying a band down with bug spray as they were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes
  • protected cupcakes from being devoured while they were being set up so the couple could see them and the photographers could get photos. Guests were trying to reach around the cake makers!
  • I had to assemble 137 favors (glue lace and ribbon on jam jars and add stickers), and 2 hrs before ceremony was told flowers needed to be made out of fabric and florist wire! In 2 hours my assistant and I made flowers, boutonnieres, and made 3 bouquets. We were given limited instructions, but at least the bride had flowers to walk down the aisle with! Also had to put up a makeshift backdrop using fishing line, table runners and safety pins to hide huge grey emergency exit doors behind the head table. It was a long, hard day, but so worth it when the couple (and brides parents) told me I saved the day! ” -Amanda Kueneman, Like A Star Weddings & Events

“Running to the liquor store to replace 4 dozen bottles of wine.” -Louise Muller, Perfect Day Ventures

  • Shaving the back of the groom’s neck because he realized, while getting dressed, that it would probably look better in pictures if his hairy back didn’t merge with the hair on his head….
  • Talking the bride out of leaving the reception in the middle of dinner… in the rain, in a very muddy parking lot
  • Washing the walls at the reception venue during set-up because they were “clean enough” despite being covered in weird brown sticky stuff….
  • Combing a rather large park trying to find a rather small broach that the bride lost at some point during photos.” -All Bandry, Ally Kat Designs

“My first and last “Day of” Co-ordination, the bride told me she was DIY’ing the centrepieces and bringing them to the venue already put together. All I had to do was place them. No Problem. What she really meant was she was gonna roll in 30 min before guests arrive dump a dozen buckets of fresh flowers on me and some floral foam and wish me luck! Thank god I had my pruning sheers, wire, and floral tape in my emergency kit. ” -Arthur K., Fusion Events

  • “Climbed up a 10ft ladder at 1am to pull down 200 lanterns because the decorator couldn’t come back for the rented magnets holding the lanterns up!
  • Transport 26 table decorations (12 inches wide) in the limo bus to the venue in 40 degrees.
  • Stood out in the pouring rain waiting for the taxi to turn up from McDonald’s with 200 cheeseburgers for the night table.” -Vicky Nicholas, Perfect Planners


  • “I wrote the MOB speech welcoming the groom into the family because she didn’t know him that well.
  • Once I grabbed flowers from the bushes outside the Church for the bride and MOH when the bouquets were left in the limo that pulled away and gone…..
  • Scripting name cards for 100 guests when the bride forgot them – gotta love your calligraphy pen
  • Pay [out-of-pocket] for items that weren’t paid for
  • Babysit white doves until their release (they are really pigeons and they do strange things in that box)” -Claudia Kent, Nestleton Waters Inn


  • “I helped a maid of honour up to the bridal room cause she was [very intoxicated] and held her while she was sick.
  • One bride hated mosquitos but refused to put bug spray on… so she gave me those electric mosquito wackers that looks like a tennis racket… hahaha so I walked around all night at her outdoor wedding…wacking mosquitos LOL” -Cisilia Chan, CC Weddings & Events


  • “We too wrote an entire MC speech on the spot because he showed up with nothing prepared and thought he would just “wing it”
  • Acted as a bouncer outside a bridal suite so that the couple could have a private moment (aka get it on) before cocktails. True story – we even had to ask the one of the videographers to leave the room who was using the space to work on their same day edit that was being shown that evening.
  • Assembled two antique doors used for a ceremony backdrop onsite with a drill, hammer and nails. This was of course supposed to be dropped off assembled.
  • Had to ask a guest to leave and escorted them off the premises as she was beyond intoxicated and making a scene.” – Liz Scheniman, Gush Events


  • “Taping the ‘ladies’ into dresses
  • Cutting people off from the bar
  • Driving home stranded guests who then in turn throw up in my car
  • Cleaning up dog doodoo from the ceremony entrance prior to bride walking down the aisle at an outside location!” -Charlotte Burhoe, C Jayne Events Ltd.

“I had to wait in the parking lot at the back of the banquet hall in the middle of November, in the dark,while a truck with a vat of Portuguese soup was supposed to arrive to be served during the dinner. One of the groom’s relatives made the soup and didn’t provide enough sausage for everyone, so after having my husband (who was my assistant) carry the soup on a cart into the kitchen, I had to explain to the manager to cut the sausages into tiny pieces so that everyone got enough.. Lol.. Not to mention, the people who delivered the soup didn’t speak a word of English, so there was no asking questions of any kind..But it all worked out and the soup tasted great!! B & G were happy so thats all that matters in the end!!! ” – Malvina Pelleriti, Brilliant Weddings

“Had to pull apart the bride’s and bridesmaids bouquets and create completely new ones with the existing white flowers already in the bouquets. Bride ordered purple flowers and got everything but purple in them. It was an outdoor wedding at the venue and the bride used the venue’s florist, who went home after she made the bouquets. The bride walked in and saw the bouquets and immediately burst into tears and hyperventilation. That is the fastest I have ever made bouquets.” – Maxine Gacek, A Wedding by Maxine

“My personal favourite was putting together an entire ice cream buffet table because the caterer ‘didn’t have time’. There we were cutting up strawberries and bananas & setting out waffles bowls LOL.” -Jennifer Clark, Kiss The Bride Wedding & Event Coordination

  • Put out a fire at the church when the florist had her nephew (to save $ on have a staff member help her) light the candleabras, and set some of the fake flowers on fire
  • Cut up ALL the pies, cakes, tortes etc. at a buffet in record time as guests were lined up for dessert but the hall had no one available to cut them
  • Provide some body spray from my emergency kit for a groomsman that I caught in the bridal suite sneaking through the bridesmaids bags, looking for their deodorant (he’s a sweaty dancer lol)
  • Instead of sitting at the vendor’s table, bride had me sit at a table and police her “sketchy” cousins who were capable of stealing the venue silverware, etc.” -Candice Meier, Stages by Candice


  • Got very up close and person with a bride to get her dress to not show off some of her assets. She said, “This isn’t the first time you’ve done this is it?” (I guess I had some skills her bridesmaids didn’t to solve the problem)
  • Stop a very drunk groomsmen (numerous times) from playing a very, let’s just say sassy, video of the groom and friends at a party. I told him I couldn’t get it to work, on top of that it wasn’t a good idea.” -Amanda Douglas, Amanda Douglas Events

“A few of my most memorable:

  • I had to find seats and meals for 20+ late guests (like 2 hours late!) who also did not RSVP! And some of them wanted to sit with people they knew!
  • I helped a bride “put together” centrepieces the day before the wedding. I didn’t realize that all of the vases, candles, and rocks would still be in boxes, with stickers on them and uncleaned. It took us 4 hours!
  • I had to find and pick up a new bouquet for the bride two hours before the ceremony started because she didn’t like the one that was delivered. Thank goodness there was a florist that had enough peonies on such short notice!” -Tiffany Lue, Tiffany Events

I’m not saying we’re superheroes, but no one has ever seen a superhero and a wedding planner in the same room. 😉