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4 Tips To Go From Good To Great

By Guest Blogger: Lisa Ganderson, Co-Founder & CEO of Otterplan, a vendor-only referral platform for wedding professionals

Solid communication and organizational skills, married with an eye for design, will no doubt make you a “good” wedding planner in the eyes of your client, but how do you go from good to great, and stand out in a sea of reviews?

Below, we have 5 tips that will lift you to the next level of being a truly great planner that your clients will fall in love with.

  1. Find and work with “up and comers”

Oftentimes, the most talented vendors are the ones just getting into the industry. They are hungry, creative, and striving to build a name for themselves. Get to know these individuals and show your client you know how to think out of the box and are ahead of today’s trends. Instagram searches are a great place to start!

  1. Provide a highly curated list of preferred vendors to your couples

Nothing says “I get you” to your client like learning about their unique vision for their day, and recommending the most appropriate vendors for them to work with. We hear from couples all the time that they received a standard list of vendors from their planner or venue, but none of them match their budget or style. Providing individualized vendor lists will be a true value-add, taking hours of research and stress off your client’s shoulders.

  1. Market yourself to your professional network

The best thing about the wedding industry is its supportive community of professionals that are constantly referring each other to new clients. Sit back and think – where did you source your last 20 weddings? The vast majority of booked business in the wedding industry comes from professional referrals, so the best investment you can make is to grow and nurture your network.

  1. Show appreciation

While the role of the wedding planner can often be thankless and full of unrealistic expectations, it is a profession that allows you access to the most incredible moment in a person’s life. Showing gratitude for both your clients and vendors, and expressing it often not only builds strong relationships and helps you stand out as a professional, it is a great opportunity for personal reflection. For more tips on how to say thanks, check out this blog.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll show your couples you’re not only a good planner, but a truly well-connected, expert, and thoughtful partner in their wedding planning process.

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