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5 Problems 360◦ Video and Virtual Reality SOLVES When Planning a Wedding

By: Guest Blogger Nathan Miller of Pop-Up VR

360◦ Video and Virtual Reality is being hailed as the new, cool, fun, and engaging technology on the market, but don’t think it’s just latest fad. After conducting dozens of interviews with event planners and Brides & Grooms we’ve identified 5 key problems that are solved by including 360◦ video in your plan.

To get started you can see a highlight reel of a few weddings we’ve already shot and produced here:

*TIP: If you are watching on a phone, try moving the phone around to look in other directions.

  1. Things Get Missed: By pointing in 1 direction, traditional videography can only capture so much of the action. 360◦ video captures the ENTIRE environment, so every subtle moment gets captured and nothing is missed. You now have a wedding video you can watch over and over again and experience something new each time.
  2. Things Get Forgotten: According to our experts, brides and grooms forget or miss at least HALF of what happens on their wedding day – it’s just too much stimuli for our brains to process. We capture everything in 360◦ video, and using the provided Virtual Reality Viewer, every client can step BACK INTO that memory and experience the full emotional impact of the event. It’s like going back in time and reliving one of the happiest days of their life (with none of the stress).
  3. Missing Guests: With a 360◦ video anyone who had to miss the special day, or who couldn’t be fit onto the guest list (and kids/grandkids who aren’t born yet) can experience the wedding as though they WERE there. Say goodbye to all that guilt!
  4. Intrusive/Obstructive Videography: Lots of people feel nervous, uncomfortable, or unnatural when a camera is on them. Our set-up is passive, recording the whole environment (nobody is singled out) and our technician monitors the camera remotely. This preserves the intimacy of the moment, everyone can act natural, and there isn’t anybody holding equipment obstructing the guests’ eye-line.
  5. Cost: The average professional videographer costs $4000-$6000. We are proud to make high-quality, professional, recording and editing more accessible with our standard Ceremony and Reception package costing only $3000 (with custom packages available to fit any budget).

Most people have not experienced 360◦ video or Virtual Reality yet, and trying to explain it would be like trying to explain what food tastes like, you need to experience it to appreciate the incredible impact it has. That’s why we provide FREE demonstrations to any prospective client or planner. It won’t take long and the experience will leave you amazed!



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