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How to Flip a Room in One Hour

Aside from all of the amazing details that need to be pulled together leading up to and on a wedding day, nothing can be more stressful (or exciting!) as ‘The Flip’. Changing a room from Ceremony to Reception for 165 guests in just one hour is not for the faint of heart. It takes organization, planning, preparation, and manpower.

Recently, Jennifer Maxwell, WPICC, had the pleasure of participating in just such a flip at the King Edward Hotel – something Catering Sales Manager, Sarah Savolainen, WPICC, is no stranger to. This type of room flip happens all the time, but Jennifer knows that not everyone is privy to the mastery it takes to coordinate a flip with the type of ease that Sarah and her staff demonstrated. So she filmed it.

With tripod up and iPhone set in time-lapse mode, the entire flip was captured not only for the bride and groom to see, but for others to gain a sense of appreciation and respect for what it takes to create a new and magical setting in just one hour.

The lesson? Always work with professionals. They know what it really takes to manage the task at hand, with ease and grace, all while making it look seamless.

Jennifer Maxwell WPICCJennifer Maxwell, of The Wedding Coach, has been a WPIC certified wedding planner since 2007. Her love of the creative and collaborative process (not to mention all the pretty!), has created a natural fit for her wedding planning business.

More specifically, Jennifer enjoys the strategic planning side for couples (timelines, checklist, schedules and more), and has recently been sharing her templates with new planners, which – less face it, is not every planner’s favourite part.



  1. What a great video!
    It is true that having the right team of professionals makes all the difference!

    Good job on the amazing transformation! The reception looks gorgeous!

  2. Very cool idea, Jennifer! I love that you’ve captured this, and it seems as though it went seamlessly!

  3. I was there and I still think the video is amazing! Great team work!!!

  4. Thanks ladies!! It WAS a great event. I still enjoy watching this and seeing the magic all over again! 😀

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