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How to Stay Motivated as a Wedding Planner

By: WPIC May Abu Jaber-Halasa, WPICC  of The Wedding Haven

How to Stay Motivated as a Wedding Planner

Being in the wedding planning industry, we are constantly conceptualizing, designing, and organizing, and it’s easy to lose track of why we decided to become wedding planners in the first place. I’m pretty certain that if we were to ask a group of planners to name one of the the reasons behind their decision to become a wedding planner, we’d hear the word creativity pop up repetitively. Yes, a big part of our job is expressing our ideas via decor, flowers, color combinations, structure designs, and tables-capes (to mention only a few!)

People do not give planners enough credit. Aside from being the glue that holds the entire event together, we are also artists at heart. Which basically means that we are in constant need to keep up with the latest trends, and adapt them to make them ‘our own’. This takes a lot of work, and more often that not, we get tired and our creativity gets blocked. So, what can we do to get out of this funk? Here are a few suggestions that have helped me pick myself up and stay motivated:

1. Attend Workshops: A well-learned mind is a creative mind. Always stay open to attending all kinds of design-related workshops. No matter how many years you’ve been in the industry, there’s always something to learn. Maybe there’s a flower arrangement workshop happening close by that you can attend? Maybe a lovely Grape & Paint evening event? Even things like vision board workshops will help. The more you know, the more independent you will become.

2. Pinterest:  The double edged sword. As a planner, I absolutely hate it when my brides come to be with photos they have found on Pinterest or Instagram. This is primarily because they have no clue of the costs attached to each photo that they are asking for. However, that being said, I absolutely love scrolling through it when it’s my turn to be creative.It has everything and anything you can think of! Take advantage of that. Whenever you feel a creative block coming, head to your favorite Instagram profiles or Pinterest. Look through the posts, when you like something, vocalize or take note of what you liked about it. The same goes for if you see something you don’t like, think about what you would change to make it more you? Almost like an exercise, it will also help you learn your own personal style.

3. Music: Every song has its own mood, color, aesthetic, and most importantly, a unique feeling it provokes out of you as an individual. Use a diverse selection of music as food that drives your mind into bringing new ideas to your work.

4. Relax a Little: A well-rested mind is less likely to go through creative blocks so take the time to meditate, do yoga, sleep sufficient hours, and try not to compromise on proper meals. They are your fuel for energy and energy that keeps the mind working, conceptualizing, and planning.

5. Understand the importance of breaks: Believe it or not, many people haven’t yet mastered the art of resting. Someone may claim they’re headed out of town for a weekend vacation, but then spend the whole time in their hotel room, sending and reading their emails, always moving around with their precious laptop on them (admit it, we have all done that). Once you’ve decided that you need a day off, then actually enjoy that day to the fullest, and keep your work OUT. If you only stress about your work wherever you are, it’s going to backfire sooner or later, and that’ll cost you way more, both health-wise and productivity-wise.


  1. Great advice! Thank you for sharing.

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