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The Good and Bad of Planning Weddings in Each Season

Photo by NatCaron

by Danielle Andrews, President of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc.

Choosing a date is often one of the most difficult decisions a couple will make about their wedding.  There are so many things to consider: will people be on vacation? is there a holiday near the date? what will the weather be doing? is it more expensive to host a wedding at that time?

The Wedding season in the Northern Hemisphere is April-October, while in the Southern Hemisphere it is September-May.  In hot climates close to the equator, July and August are the least popular months for weddings and Spring and Fall are the most popular.  Hosting your wedding in the off season may save some money since there is low demand, but it may restrict the type of wedding your can have.  If your couple has their heart set on an indoor wedding, your options are pretty much wide open, but most couples like to have at least their photos taken outdoors.

To help your couples choose a wedding date, here are some of the Pros and Cons of hosting a wedding in each season:


Photo by Nikko Lim,

The Good:

  • Roaring fires, Hot Cocoa Stations, and candles everywhere
  • Low-season pricing
  • The vendors you want are more likely to be available
  • Gorgeous photos with fur stoles, capes, and snow

The Bad:

  • Slush instead of snow
  • Winter storms that may ruin your guests travel plans or cancel your wedding
  • Many flowers will wilt or turn brown if your take them outdoors for wedding photos
  • Your wedding party will not be very happy whilst freezing outside for those glorious snow photos


Photo by Rohan Laylor,

The Good:

  • Blossoms, buds, and temperate weather
  • Off-season pricing and more availability of venues and vendors

The Bad:

  • Rain, mud, and unpredictable weather


The Good

Flowers are in full bloom

grass is probably green


The Bad

The sweltering heat

Groomsmen passing out in their suits

Brown, dry grass

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