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WPIC at Tianguis Turistico 2017 in Acapulco, Mexico

by Danielle Andrews, President of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc.

I don’t think it is a secret that we love Mexico and everything that amazing country has to offer to our wedding clients.  Ever since my first trip to Puerto Vallarta, where I spent my 13th birthday, I jump on the plane to visit any chance I get, which lucky for me is around 3-4 times a year 🙂  I have visited 9 of the 31 states of Mexico (and the Federal District of Mexico City of course,) and can tell you that every state is completely different and a must-see. From the cowboys of Durango, to the round pyramids of Gauchimontones in Jalisco, to the Mayan ruins and cenotes of the Riviera Maya, the deserts and camel rides along the beach in Los Cabos, and the rainforests in Chiapas, this country has it all!

*From this point on, all photos are my own.

Amazing sand art at the entrance to Tianguis Turistico

For Tianguis Turistico 2017, Mexico’s largest travel show moved back to Acapulco and the newly named Riviera Diamante region, to host the over 7,000 tour operators, agents, wholesalers and wedding planners from 85 countries in attendance.  I haven’t been back to Acapulco since I was 19, so I was excited to see all of the changes to this great destination.

Umbrellas covering the courtyard beside the Expo Mundo Imperial where Tianguis Turistico was held.

Acapulco is the destination that put Mexico on the International tourism map, and “this is a destination we will not abandon but will keep supporting,” said Enrique de la Madrid, head of the Tourism Secretariat, known as Sectur.  Héctor Astudillo Flores, Govenor of Guerrero (the state where Acapulco is located), announced that there will be a $2.5 billion investment in developing Acapulco, mainly south of the Costa Chica area, this year.

The opening and closing parties for Tianguis were stunning this year, full of the live music, amazing cuisine, pyrotechnic shows and warm hospitality that Mexico is known for.  The opeing party was held at Princess Mundo Imperial, and the Closing Party was at Tres Vidas Golf Club.

Trade shows in Mexico are unlike any other I have ever witnessed, booths are two-storey structures with giant television screens, there are live performers, not just a couple, 20 performers at a time!

Just a section of the Chiapas booth at the Tianguis turistico trade show

The trade show and education sessions were open for two days and there were over 30,000 appointments and business deals made on the show floor.

My host hotel for Tianguis was the Princess Mundo Imperial Hotel, in the Riviera Diamante, Acapulco, on the on scenic Revolcadero Beach.

The beautiful grounds at the Princess Mundo Imperial.

The view of the main building from the beach side.

Just a section of the huge expanse of Revolcadero Beach that the Princess Mundo Imperial sits on.

I was a part of the TravAlliance Group, but I also joined a group of 25 wedding planners from 23 countries being hosted by Araceli Lopez Dacosta, Director of Romance, for the Mexico Tourism Board.  I joined this group at the beautiful and serene Banyan Tree Resort for a special Wedding Planners breakfast and tour of the facility. The entire resort had a overwhelming feeling of calm. I can’t imagine how relaxed you would be after one of their spa treatments!

Wedding Planners Breakfast at the Banyan Tree Resort

The view of one of the bungalows with private pool from the patio of one of the bungalows 🙂

The main pool at Banyan Tree Resort

International Wedding Planners on a site visit of Banyan Tree Resort

Here I am with wedding planner Kevin Zhou, of VIP Hosting in Herare, Zimbabwe. He is one of the planners who traveled from 23 different countries to attend the wedding planner group.

Later in the day we went to Encanto Acapulco for a site visit of their beautiful cliff side hotel, followed by a lunch with a view.

The main pool at Encanto Acapulco

The Wedding Planners lunch at Encanto Acapulco.

Our view at lunch

Massage with a view

As you can see, this hotel was stunning and the views were just breathtaking.

I flew back and forth to Acapulco on AeroMexico, by way of Mexico City.  If you haven’t flown AeroMexico, I highly recommend you do.  They have held on to the way flying used to be, with impeccable service, nice planes, hot meals and drinks included.  I have flow with them a number of times and it is always a great experience!

The main pool at Princess Mundo Imperial Hotel.

It was a wonderful five days in Acapulco, and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to go this year’s Tianguis Turistico.  I met some great industry friends and contacts.  Due to our travel schedule, my group had a day on our own, so a couple of us spent the day at the pool, walked the 20 minutes to the local Walmart, and went for dinner in town, because when you are in Mexico, get out and enjoy! 🙂

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