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Courses Offered

We offer the core Wedding Coordinator Certification Course as well as follow-up Specialization courses.

WPIC onlineWedding Consultant and Coordinator Certification Course:

The core course of WPIC.  This course, comprised of webinars and at-home study, is how to become a Certified Wedding Coordinator.

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WPIC wedding planner course

On-site Venue Wedding Coordinator Certification Course:

This course is for Wedding Venues, Resorts and Associations.  This course provides all the theory of the core course, minus information about running your own business, with training in Sales and Marketing to the North American couple.

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destination wedding trainingDestination Wedding Coordinator Certification Course:

A follow-up course to the Wedding Coordinator Certification Course, for those who wish to specialize in Destination Weddings.

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(For Travel Professionals) Destination Wedding Specialist Certification Course:

A course specifically for Travel Professionals who wish to specialize in Destination Weddings.

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