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How do I become a Certified Wedding Coordinator?

The Wedding Consultant and Coordinator certification course can be completed either in-class or on-lineis made up of Lectures or Webinars, Group Work or Written Assignment, Home-study, and an on-line Certification Examination. A downloadable Text Book will be provided. The text book is designed to be enhanced by the student’s own note-taking during lectures or webinars.   Students are graded based on a practical assignment, success on 3 tests, and a final exam.

Where can I find employment after Certification?

Our past students have opened their own full and part-time businesses, or found employment with Catering Companies, Resorts, Banquet Halls, Golf and Country Clubs and Bridal salons.  Anywhere that specializes in  Weddings appreciates having a Certified Wedding Coordinator on staff. You can find our Alumni at:
  • Various Fairmont, Marriott, Delta, Princess and Four Seasons Hotels,
  • Several Club Links Golf Clubs,
  • Universities (Events Department),
  • College Instructors,
  • Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas,
  • The Bahamas Bridal Association, including: Sheraton Nassau, Wyndham Nassau, British Colonial Hilton, Ministry of Tourism in Bahamas, Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant, Pelican Bay at Lucaya, Paradise Island Habour Resort, and Abaco Beach Resort.
  • Sandals Resorts in Jamaica,
  • Palace Resorts in Mexico,
  • Hard Rock Hotels All Inclusive Collection Wedding Team,  
  • the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association, among many, many other places.

Will my WPIC Certification be recognized within the Wedding Industry?

Yes, this Certification is recognized and accepted Worldwide.  We currently have 4200 members from over many different countries.  Our past students can be found in USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, China, Australia, France, Norway, England, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda, St. Lucia and The Bahamas.

What’s the difference between the WPIC in-class & 3-month Correspondence Certification?

  • Each class is taught by two successful professional, working Wedding Coordinators.  Not only are they sharing the industry statistics, procedures, laws and regulations, but they are giving their personal experience.  You are able to ask questions and receive instant answers and feedback from an expert.  Not only are you getting an extensive, complete manual, you are getting 20 hours of in-class instruction, industry guest speakers, in-class practical work and unlimited access to two Professional Wedding Coordinators.
  • We strongly believe a true professional constantly updates and betters  them self through conferences, continued learning and networking, so we also give our students a free lifetime membership to our Alumni Association of more than 4200 Certified Wedding Coordinators, (providing they uphold the WPIC Ethics).

I have my Event and Meeting Management Certificate, would this course be redundant for me?

No. In fact, several of the Universities and Colleges who offer Event and Meeting Management Certification now strongly urge their students who are interested in becoming Wedding Coordinators, to take our course. Event and Meeting Management is very different from Wedding Coordination. One must be versed in the differences between pricing, billing, psychology of the clients, differing vendor relations, a different code of ethics, etc.

When is WPIC coming to my area?

The good news is, you do not have to wait for us to come to you anymore!  We now offer this course through correspondence in a webinar-based format! WPIC comes to a city when there is enough interest to hold a class. If there is not a date indicated under Locations, the best way to gauge when we will be coming to your city is to email us.

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