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5 Ways to be Successful at a Wedding Show


By: Danielle Andrews Sunkel, Co-founder of WPIC Inc.

  1. Have a sign!  This seems like such a simple thing, but you wouldn’t believe how many wedding vendors do not have a sign in their booth at Wedding Shows!  Treat your booth like your pop-up store (because it is!) and have it properly branded.
  2. Show your Style!  You only want to attract the right clients for you, so make sure you are showcasing you, your style and your brand properly.  Your booth should look like the weddings you coordinate, the same style, formality and level that you work with.  if you work with over-the-top, ultra luxury weddings, your booth needs to be over-the-top luxurious, if you work with ultra-modern, millennial couples, your booth needs to be ultra-modern, if you specialize in Budget-friendly weddings, you need to showcase budget-friendly ideas, etc.
  3. Stand out from the crowd, don’t just give out a flyer.  People love free stuff and throw out flyers.  Get something branded with your company name and website on it so that show attendees are more likely to keep the item.  If they are interested in your services, they have your website information at their fingertips.
  4. Offer a Show Special, not a chance to win free services.  Attendees who sign up for a draw for free services are probably not going to ever be a client of yours, why would they pay for a service you were offering for free?  Instead, offer a show special if they book at the show.  And since the offer is time-sensitive, they will book at the show, rather than you having to do a bunch of follow-up for nothing.  It’s important to make best use of your time and resources, getting qualified, interested leads is much better than getting hundreds of email addresses for people who are not genuinely interested in your services.
  5. Have a Way to Follow up with the Potential Clients.  There are a few ways to get the potential clients’ information: you can download an app and have them fill out their information on a tablet, you can hand-record the information on a follow-up template that you keep handy on a clipboard.   Make sure that you get express permission to contact potential clients and do not just add them to an email contact list without their consent.

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