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Dress for Success – A Wardrobe Guide for Wedding Coordinators

by Danielle Andrews Sunkel, President of WPIC Inc.

WPIC Wedding Planners Abeera and Samina Zia
Photo by Richard Emmanuel, Decor by Designing Trendz

So often, when I look at photos of Wedding Coordinators working a wedding, I just have to shake my head. What are you thinking? You were hired because you are a professional, dress like it!


Wearing a cocktail dress and stilhetto heels while Coordinating a wedding not only looks unprofessional, it inhibits you from doing the job you were hired to do.

WPIC Planner helping bridePhoto by Nikko Lim   Seating Chart by Marble Weddings

You are a Wedding Coordinator, not a Night Club Hostess.  You were hired to do a job that requires lots of movement, if your attire is hindering you from doing your job, why are you wearing it??

WPIC Wedding Planners with BridePhoto by Richard Emmanuel

The ideal outfit for a Professional Wedding Coordinator is a pant suit with a shell camisole underneath.  A longer, flowing skirt works great too. You can bend, stretch, run when you need to, carry and move items, kneel down to pin on the ring bearer’s bouteniere, jump up and pin on a groomsmen’s bouteniere without worrying about flashing someone.

Weddings are not casual affairs, so anything you wouldn’t wear to a job interview, should not be worn to a wedding. Yoga pants, t-shirts, flip-flops, sundresses or anything of the sort, should not be worn to a wedding, whether you are the Lead Coordinator or an Assistant.

If you are Coordinating a very formal affair, then you wear the suit for the ceremony and it is of course appropriate to change into an evening gown for the reception.


No fedora, it takes attention away from the bride and groom!

WPIC Male wedding plannerPhoto by Barry Cardoso, Decor by The Wedding Decorators

As long as you are wearing a tasteful suit and tie, you are good. Always make sure you get your suit tailored to you, a suit only looks good if it fits properly.

WPIC Male Wedding Planner workingPhoto by Purple Martini, Decor by Design2Decor

Invest in a really great tie, like a jacquard or brocade tone-on-tone and tie a Windsor knot. You want to look successful, put-together and dare I say it, dapper.

If it is a more casual wedding, lose the tie or just wear nice dress pants with a dress shirt and tie. A tuxedo with bow tie is overdoing it. You are not the centre of attention, nor should you be, but its okay, its just for the day!


Plus-sized Planners:

Draping yourself in yards of loose, flowing fabric only makes you look bigger.

WPIC Wedding CoordinatorPhoto by NikkoLim

It is even more in important that the curvy planner dress well. We are already battling a stereotype. You should wear fitted, structured, quality clothing.

WPIC WeddingPlanner

Photo by Barry Cardoso

Don’t know what would suit you? has a great tool called the ShapeStylist, that helps you first determine your body shape, then suggests clothing styles for you based on that body-shape.

You may have to start shopping on-line. Stores that cater quality clothing to the Plus-sized professional: Laura Plus, Igigi, Nordstrom and Wide Widths (Fashion Boots). A fantastic store I discovered in Ireland, Evans, ships to Canada in 7 days and only costs £8 (Duties extra).


Save your joints, leave the fabulous shoes at home.


WPIC Real Wedding Planner workingMale, Female, Plus-size or Petite, every Wedding Coordinator needs to wear proper, professional shoes.  These should be close-toed, have a rubber sole for traction (you will be running across slick dance floors at times), no more or no less than one-inch high (to properly protect your joints) and broken-in.

A fourteen-hour day, is not the time to wear new shoes, trust me, I did this once and ended up with blisters on top of blisters and 3-inches of blood going up the back of each pant leg.  Walking on a Cloud, Natralizer, Ecco, Rockport all have dressy shoes that easily fit the criteria, remember its not a fashion show, you are working.

WPIC Wedding Planner workingPhoto by Nikko Lim

If you know what is flattering on you and how to pull outfits together, than Shopstyle is fabulous. They put all the great on-line fashion finds in one place for you. Its like having an on-line personal shopper!

Thank you to the many WPICAlumni who appear in this Blog post, you look fabulous 😉


  1. Carolyne Allan says:

    Great article and very timely for me. I’m relatively new to the industry and find myself struggling with what to wear on the day-of. Fortunately, I can breathe a sigh of relief after reading this knowing I’ve been on the right track. Thanks!

  2. Wow! looking in those photos makes me remember my wedding day last year and I’m so thankful for my wedding planner who made my wedding day a fairy tale come true.

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