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Ride or Die Styled Shoot

by Danielle Andrews, President, WPIC Inc

I absolutely love Wedding Editorials! They are a way for Wedding Planners to show their creativity, take risks, and try things they have always wanted to do for weddings. Editorials can also be such an inspiration to other Wedding Professionals and couples.  Lesliene Robinet, WPICC, of Eloi Designs, shared her unique vision with us and I asked her a few questions about her concept for this Editorial.

What was your inspiration behind this shoot?

I was actually inspired by Solange Knowles wedding back in 2014. Some of the key elements I fell in love with were: the vintage bike and how it was incorporated in her pictures; her choice of a jumper rather than a dress and the simple elegance of adding a cape; the versatility of her wedding attire; and the industrial background in some of the formal pictures. I wanted to modernize and simplify all of that.

Why did you select the Wedding Professionals that you chose to work on this shoot?

To be honest I started out with a request for interested vendors to be apart of the styled shoot.  I wasn’t hasty in selecting the individuals I did.  As business’ responded, I would review their work and would evaluate if their style would fit with the vision I had in mind.  I wanted to showcase vendors who hadn’t participated in a styled shoot before but also really wanted to include business with previous experience with styled shoots so I could learn from them.

I really liked the excitement from the team of vendors.  Monique from @sim_delicious, agreed to provide the cake, and was eager to participate.  Ryan from RYC Productions, and Tracey from @tracey_s_photography were excited to participate in their first styled shoot. Latanya from @elegantly_angeleta who, has experience with styled shoots, provided her experience. Richard Williams, Stephanie @stephgiorgifitness our models were great.  It was the first time for some of them in front of a camera and videographer. @liyarosedesigns, @flairbymonique and @myeloidesigns for their beautiful well crafted designs. Amazing hair and makeup by @glamandglow and @golden.astella that stood up to the crazy heat of the day.

All the individuals that collaborated on this project were awesome!   Sandra from Coordinate This Design and Decor who, was one of the vendors I reached out to, has become a wonderful friend and unexpected blessing from this project.  My preferred vendors list has increased after this shoot.  I’ve met great people who are are passionate about their work.

What elements influenced the colour palette that you chose?

I wanted to keep some of the colours that I was drawn to from the celebrity wedding, such as the grey and black from the industrial setting in the formal bridal party pictures. One of the key elements was the bridal attire, and I needed a white jumper. It was really difficult to find one. REALLY difficult. In my search for vendors I came across a new designer, and she had a blush jumper and knew instantly it was perfect.

What is the feeling that you wanted to invoke with your shoot?

Love and romance of course! I wanted to channel a little bit of Bonnie and Clyde. Your “Ride or Die” partner for life, driving off into the sunset. I wanted that non-traditional bride to feel beautiful, and that she has options in her bridal attire.

What were some of the special or unique touches and elements that you included in this shoot?

The motorcycle was a major element I wanted—no, needed to incorporate to really pull off the shoot. One of my very favourite touches was the motorcycle helmet with “Wifey” on it.

Why did you select the venue?

I choose to have the shoot outdoors at a public location where I didn’t need a permit. It proved to be the best option where I could get beautiful shots of the bike and the model together.

What was the biggest challenge you faced creating this editorial styled shoot? How did you overcome it?

So many challenges!

My top three biggest challenges. The bridal attire for one. I wanted something very specific and it wasn’t easy to find. A never give up attitude and flexibility will be your best friends. The motorcycle was great, but I needed a driver with a full M licence, who was familiar with driving a Harley Davidson. I thought, if you can drive a motorcycle you can drive any motorcycle…I was wrong. I didn’t know that part of the rental included a test drive. If the rider couldn’t prove his driving ability at time of rental, the company had grounds to not approve the rental. Thank God a friend of mine helped me out, and even volunteered to be the groom in the shoot. Lastly, I didn’t know securing a model would be so difficult. The model featured in the shoot is amazing. She brought the perfect amount of beauty and fierceness I envisioned.

Based on your experience, do you have any tips for planners or couples who are inspired by your shoot?

Plan ahead. Well ahead. Go into wedding planner mode. Try and account for any and everything. Due to the shoot being outdoor, I had to plan for the weather. It was a beautiful day, but also the hottest day of the summer. Check out any events that might be happening at your chosen location, account for parking, time of event, and permits needed. Utilize friends and family who have business’ or who are in the industry to collaborate and for advise. My most valuable advise, Don’t let fear stop you. Just go for it. Just because you vision might be different doesn’t mean it can’t beautiful. Seek out vendors that understand your vision. When your all on the same page, everything works out beautifully.

Vendor Love:

Planner: Eloi Designs
Photography: Tracey Somers Photography
Videography: RYC Productions
Decor: Coordinate This Design & Decor
Stationery: Elegantly Angeleta
Cake: Simply Delicious
Clothing: Liya Rose Designs
Jewelry: Flair by Monique
Makeup: Golden Astella Artistry
Hair: Glam and Glow
Hair Accessories: Eloi Designs
Motorcycle: Mackey Harley Davidson
Model Bride: Steph Giorgi
Model Groom: Richard Williams


  1. Definitely stands out! Wonderful shoot!

  2. Dangerous! Love the inspiration coming from this shoot. What a great wedding team who put this together. Bravo!

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