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The course really enlightened me and I had a great time!


I learned so much and this course really got me started in this field.


It was a very fun learning environment !

Stephanie Shaw

The course gave me a sense and taste of the expectations and realities of a wedding planner. I really enjoyed the community of the classroom and the friendliness of everyone there. By the end it seemed that we were one big happy family.

Sarah Gaensler

Overall the course is amazing.

Debra Noreiga

Having been in the industry already I was a little concerned about already knowing what they had to teach but I was excited to learn things that I either hadn't thought of or how to do it better! Work smarter not harder!

The course entailed ALOT more than what was expected. I came into it thinking Id learn how to build a buisness but with WAY less of the small details. It was an amazing course, definately exceeded my expectations. 🙂

The class was informative and honest while keeping it fun and interesting. I would definitely reccommend it and don't know how you would become a wedding planner without it!

Good Morning Danielle & Tracey,

I am just sending this email to say "Thank You".
You made taking the course lots of fun and very interesting.

The personal anecdotes to display real life situations was great! And I'm sure all of us
will definitely take from them and learn the "do's and don'ts" of this industry.
I love everything about weddings and am very excited to have your widely recognized
certification credentials after my name (given of course I pass the exam!! Yikes!),
helping to attract clients.

I am currently working as a venue coordinator at a winery in Niagara (learning that side
of the industry), as well as for Angelique Sobschak of "Angelique's Weddings and Events" and I will now feel more confident when dealing with clients and am certain my knowledge will enhance my performance in all facets. This was a great tool to help me get on my feet and make sure I have all of the tools I need in my toolbox of knowledge before diving into the weddings ocean. Having graduated from Niagara College's Event Management Post-Grad Program last April, this was the perfect timing to take the course for me, after having some experience but needing the finer details.

So Thank You again for the wonderful weekend and I am forever indebted to you two for putting the backbone into my career.
Looking forward to working with you and among other WPICC coordinators on the Alumni Boards, and at networking events.

Keep in touch,

~ Sandra Sir

Sandra Sir

I highly recommend the WPIC Course if you are passionate about planning weddings! They help you to develop the knowledge and skills it takes to start your own small business and clearly outlines the expectations of a Wedding Coordinator. Melissa brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the class. Her personal experiences were interesting and informative. Thank you. Sincerely, Suzanne Grub

Suzanne Grub

WPIC is such a wonderful group of professionals that you can constantly learn from and have fun with. They continuously teach others while learning themselves. Creative individuals who really care about the industry.

Danielle of WPIC wraps the wedding industry up in a neat little package of information, years of experience, intelligence and class.

The WPIC course far exceeded my expectations. I went in with a passion and came out with a business plan. I can truly now visualize how to start my career in the wedding planning field!

This is the 2nd Wedding Planning course I have taken and I wasted my time by not taking the WPIC course 1st!

Danielle is a very affable person. Her classes were either fun or very instructive. Due to her experience in the Wedding Planning Industry she can certainly provide the students useful information. Thank you Danielle!!

The WPIC organization stands behind its ceritfied wedding planners and has created a community of success within the industry

Lauren Martin

instructors made it very interesting never got bored

The WPIC wedding coordinator course was fantastic! Having the classroom component that is taught by experienced wedding coordinators sets it apart from other courses. Being able to ask questions and be able to get feedback and real life examples was great!!

Thank you WPIC for such a great course, Tracey & Monica are the best!!!

As a professional already in the wedding & event industry I found the course to really expand my awareness beyond my own services, add more credibility to what I offer and greatly improve the services I already offer and a tool kit of new skills I look forward to developing.

I loved this course, I was exhausted at the end, but I had soo much fun with Monica and Tracey that I have been dreaming about the course the past few days Thanks Ladies!

Tracey & Monica are a great duo of Instructors who teach using their intelligence and experience but also using their very entertaining senses of humour! I'd say they should "Take it on the Road!" but it appears they already have! Brilliant!

moncia and tracey had excellent energy, they have a passion for what they do and they provide a great service to this industry

The WPIC course and instructors gave me so much knowledge and confidence. I feel ready to jump into the wedding industry.

This course was extremely useful, I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a wedding planner or is planning on becoming one!

The WPIC course was fantastic and I would highly recommend the 2 day course to aspiring Wedding Planners. The instructor provided fun, and interactive learning materials which will be great to refer back to in the future. Thank you WPIC!

This course is phenomenal! So much information is provided at a steady pace! The course was also very interesting and exciting!

Both Lindsay and Melissa did a great job. I knew that I would enjoy the course however it surpassed by expectations and now I am even more excited about my future career path. Thanks ladies!

I believe any who wants to become a Wedding Consultant & Coordinator should take the WPIC course. The amount of information provided and the way it was presented was well done. I'm glad I took the course and would recommend it to any who is interested in Wedding Planning. Thanks WPIC.

The WPIC Wedding Coordinator course gave me the confidence I needed to strive ahead in this field.

My instructor Lindsay, really gave me a lot of new ideas to enhance the entire Wedding Planning Service. I have been doing this for some time now, and attending this seminar was really worth my time. I left more confident about my work and with the added information I gained from the weekend, I am so excited to get started with these new techniques. I have already revised my Contracts, and some of the information I need when meeting my clients for the first time. Lindsay also exhibited a lot of class and style as she delivered her lessons. Bravo to WPIC, I am looking forward to a successful future as a Certified Member. Thanks again for the information given last weekend. I really enjoyed it.

Judy La Motte

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