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The True Meaning of Your Wedding Day

Submitted by: Victoria Hitchcock, WPICC
Live, Love, Laugh Event Planning & Consulting Inc.

“The True Meaning of Your Wedding Day”

As I was chatting with a client whose wedding is fast approaching we were
hashing out the details of the favours, the seating plan, the centrepieces
and all of those small details and I could see the bride beginning to feel
overwhelmed. Let’s face it, planning a wedding is not easy, there are
hundreds of tiny details and decisions to make and you are dealing with many
emotions and family dynamics. So I looked at the bride, closed my binder and
just said, “It’s ok.”

Sometimes when you get bogged down in the details of the day, the timelines,
the schedules, the seating plan, it’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of
your approaching day. You have found someone who you want to spend the rest
of your life with and you are getting married to celebrate that and share
your commitment to each other with family and friends. Don’t lose sight of
this and don’t let the stress of planning take over.

There is nothing worse than watching a bride go through their wedding day
worrying about the details when the fact is, if something does go wrong, she
is probably the only one who will notice. Your guests are there to celebrate
with you, so try your best to relax and enjoy the day. Take it all in. It
goes by so fast that you really want to soak in every second and treasure
the meaning behind the wedding. You have found that one person who you want
to share all of your tomorrows with, keep that as your focus as you embark
on the wedding adventure and you can rest assured that your wedding will be
the dream day you always imagined.

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